A ticket for Jessica

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  1. Jessica Alba is cute and all, but that doesn't mean Miss Thang gets off easy!
    Tinted windows and missing license plates got the luscious cover girl pulled over yesterday while she was driving back from a gym session. Her excuse for the dark windows? -- keeping away the prying eyes of paps! A girl needs her privacy!

    While the po-po has no record of a ticket being processed, sources on the scene claim they definitely saw the officer hand Alba a citation!

    Maybe it was just his phone number... Can't blame the guy for trying...

    source: TMZ.COM
  2. I don't know why you wouldn't have a licence plate - celeb or non-celeb. At least it wasn't a DUI.
  3. i noticed when watching Cribs that a lot of celebs don't have plates on their cars for some reason. i never really understood why. and i also can't blame her for having superdark windows.
  4. It's illegal to not have a license plate.
  5. I love jessica alba. She's so beautiful and all, but I don't think anyone should get off just because they are pretty or famous....a ticket wouldn't break the bank for her anyway...
  6. ^^ I agree. Maybe she was given a warning to get it fixed or next time she would get a ticket.
  7. Maybe if she used her "hotness" on the cop she could have gotten off ticket free but I understand she doesn't want to do that any more.