A thread I started disappeared...

  1. What would cause a thread I started a day or two ago with posts just disappear?!?!? It is just gone...
  2. Must have had to be deleted for some reason... what was it about?
  3. I think the thread you are referring to got moved from General Discussion to Handbags and Purses. In the future, to find all the threads you've started, click on your profile (browsing users at the bottom, your name is first) and hit "search threads started by".
  4. Speaking of deleted threads.. Mods, how old does a thread have to be before it gets deleted from the forum?
  5. Yeah, I just found it! Thanks for helping!!
  6. Hmm... from my knowledge and from what I've seen, a thread doesn't get deleted because it's a little old.

    With that said, I usually don't close ancient threads unless have really old info/news. I only delete threads if they're offending or are double posts.
  7. we don't purge old threads.
  8. Thanks John & Swanky! That's just random info I wanted to know. :yes:
  9. They are all still here! Can be found!