A thread for wide foot folks

  1. I started this as a reply to a post in another thread, but I thought it might be appropriate as a stand-alone.

    To begin with, remember that the style of the shoe is sometimes the most critical issue for widths – that’s why I have a big clog collection! See, there is probably some little factory out in the South Pacific where they turn out the wooden part of clogs for everyone. Then Mrs. Prada or Stefano Pilati or John Galliano sits there and tacks some leather on top and makes an expensive clog, while the machines at Nine West churn out thousands of low priced versions!

    That aside, in top designers I’ve found an occasional Prada or MiuMiu that is generously wide, but I find myself mostly in mid-range brands: Coach, all three labels of Kors (Michael, KORS Michael, and especially MICHAEL Michael), Pliner (some of them really aren’t as skinny as they look!), even some BCBG Max Azria. But above all, my Old Reliable for width is Cole Haan G Series.

    I suppose I should look into Taryn Rose, but I’ve never seen a design of hers I liked.

    Now it's your turn to suggest more!
  2. I agree hers shoes are fugly and so expensive.
  3. I personally don't think Taryn Rose shoes accommodate a wide foot.

    For me, it's all about the kitten heel shoes with open backs for a wide foot. Prada always seems to fit my wide foot. I have many pairs in different colors. Also, even though Manolo Blahnik can run small, I've had fantastic luck with open back kitten heels too.

    I also have done pretty well with Tory Burch Reva flats, because the leather stretches and doesn't squish my wide foot either.

    I've also found that Prada shoes with square or round toes fit well too.
  4. Not only do I have wide feet, The bone right under my pinkie toe sticks out more than most people's and I have hammer toes. So even sneakers will often give me blisters.

    I have a pair of Prada heels that are pretty comfortable (for what they are!). Anything 3 inches and over I can barely walk in, but these I can actually stand in for a few hours before they start killing and that's even though they don't have padding on the ball of the foot.

    I would love love LOVE to own a pair of Louboutin's beautfiul shoes but
    I'm starting to come to the realization that they just won't do for me. I'm hoping a fellow wide girl can recommend particular styles that are more wide-feet friendly.
  5. Nearly C width foot here. It burns me to NO END when I see beautiful shoes that run in widths from AAAA to B or whatever...WTF, those with wider feet have no taste???

    I've had good luck with the following designers:
    Miu Miu
    Tory Burch
    Via Spiga
    Cole Haan (these are the strappy wedges I'm wearing in my avatar...very comfy!)
    Stuart Weitzman

    ...none necessarily have wider cuts beyond B, but they seem to have a more generous cut in general. Either that or I have to go up a 1/2 size which isn't always the most flattering choice.
  6. I forgot to mention two makers I haven't tried myself, but they offer C widths in a lot of styles: that's Ferragamo and Bally. Bally always used to be pretty much confined to prim-and-proper styles, but from the ads in the fashion mags, it looks like they're getting a bit more interesting.

    Out here in the desert, the nearest Ferro or Bally is about 500 miles away, but I'll get there one of these days!
  7. ^^ I agree about the Ferragamo shoes. My mom has pretty wide feet and C width fit her perfectly and comfortably.
  8. Thanks for staring this thread, graymnnce! :tup::okay: Sadly I've got crooked 4th toes from cramming my feet into shoes I shouldn't have for so many years...knock on wood this won't be a huge health issue later in life.
  9. Chanel also has generous width. You'd never expect that from Karl, right? LOL! Armani shoes are wide, too, and there are many comfortable wide shoes from Sergio Rossi.
    I have a wide coup de pied and I usually go up half a size in most shoes... In my experience, LV shoes are a nightmare...
  10. I never ever had a problem with shoe width until I discovered european designers. In general, I think american shoe producers do accommodate wider feet than their european counterparts. I don't have suggestions for designers for wider width in the specific, but my guess would be to try shoes by north american producers in the general.
  11. I agree that Chanel typically is roomier...excluding one pointy toe pair that I have.
  12. I have the double whammy of having a wide foot and wearing a size 4. I think that my foot is wide to accomadate for how small it is. I have very few options because most shoes that come in wide widths do not come in a size 4 wide. I absolutely rely on Ferragamo. Their shoes are so comfortable and well made and they have a decent selection in a 4C! My relationship with a Ferragamo SA who ships to me has become a life saver since he lets me know as soon as the new season's shoes come out what will be available in my size.
  13. I have really short toes, so the widest part of my foot is up higher than most people's and shoes aren't usually the right shape. A lot of times I have to get wide shoes so that the toe-box is the correct width, but then rest of the shoe doesn't fit well. I love Steve Maddens, because they tend to be short in the toes and not narrow. They're the only brand that consistently fit me well.
  14. Has anyone had success with the Oh Deers brand? Particularly the stacked platform pump style..... I'm trying to decide if I should order some or not.

    Also, I started thread earlier asking if anyone has ever had success getting the toebox of a leather shoe stretched out? If you have can you please advise of the cost to do so? Thanks!
  15. Gucci makes C widths. I have several shoes from them with C and are super comfy.