A thread devoted to online retailers (links only)

  1. I check the eBay/website finds thread daily but I thought a thread with online retailer links only might be a good one.. I'm pretty new so feel free to smack me if this is a ridiculous idea. ;)

    I'll start with a site I hadn't seen -- saw it on the B-Bag forum.

    CricketLiverpool: Designer clothes in Liverpool. muk luk boots, mukluk boots, mukluk, ugg boots, alice temperly, balenciaga, boccaccini, cacharel, d squared, emilio pucci, mathew wiliams, rizal.
  2. I have this site bookmarked already. International transactions are so frustrating although I have had a successful one. Their assortment is pretty unique.
  3. Umm... isn't that what the website sticky thread is for? There's also the deals and steals subforum as well.

    Is it just me or is that site, cricketliverpool, very expensive?? :s
  4. Like I said, I'm a newbie. I'll just peruse the old posts and compile my own list. Sorry!
  5. Welcome Eastcoastkelli! I get what you are saying about a thread listing retailers. When I first started searching for chloe dealers it was confusing and so time consuming distinguishing between the legit and questionable ones. I was afraid to buy from eBay and wanted to know the safe places to buy new Chloe.
    Like leanbeanee said, this topic may be redundant but, let me contribute my favorites retailers:
    Neiman Marcus Online


    luisaviaroma.com ::: home page :::

  6. great idea! thanks!