A thought on "reality television"

  1. When watching many of the reality tv shows, does anyone get bothered by the fact that the people on the shows never mention that they have a tv show? Okay, I get that they are told to just go about their lives and not talk about it, but does the fact that it never comes up make the whole show seem especially phony? I am referring to shows like "the hills", or " Keeping Up With The Kardashians", not competition shows.
    If you were on tv, I think it would be a big deal and by never referring to that part of your life ever in conversation with others on the show seems to take away quite a bit of credibility. I am not at all saying they should say"can you believe we are on television", but it never comes up? Really? What do you think?
  2. The writers don't think it's okay to mention it. LOL I am sure there are times when people look directly in the camera and whatnot but they just don't show it.
  3. yeah i'm sure it comes up in conversation, but they (editors) just edit it out. The Real World blooper show, The s*it they should have shown, shows them looking into the camera and talking about the actual taping of the show (cameramen, lights etc...)
  4. NOTHING is real on TV imo :p
    and that goes the same with "reality" show
    they would create drama, people would want to see drama
  5. Yah, I do find that a bit odd. It's like, they think it's completely normal to have a camera follwing you.

    But I'm sure the majority of reality TV is scripted.
  6. I'm a huge reality fan! I love the Kardashian's and am excited about the new season that finally debuts this Sunday on E! 10/9c! The family is hilarious and there's never a dull moment. I feel like reality tv is so easy and fun to watch because you can miss an episode and still know what's going on!
  7. Jon and Kate Plus 8 talk about the show being part of their lives all the time.

  8. :lol:Yes!

    But I think you mean *ahem* "story editors". You know, so they can get around pesky Writers Guild by-laws.