A thought; Hermes vs. LV; your thoughts?

  1. Hi guys...

    I have always had this question in my mind..and had to share with you guys. What do you guys think of this subject?

    I guess b/c Hermes never really appealed to me as much as the LVs do but is the quality of the Hermes bags really warrant the price? Your thoughts?
  2. If I ever got into Hermes, DH would kill me! :lol:
  3. Mine too!! :Push:
  4. :yes: :lol:
  5. Yes I really believe the quality of their workmanship really is what it is all about and definitely warrants the price. As well as the limited availability and mystique of the brand.
  6. I don't know enough about Hermes to really give a educated response. But $$$ wise, it's going to be a few more years before I can find out myself !
  7. The LV Suhali lockit pm in black is gorgeous and surpasses any Hermes in terms of charm and style. Hermes is more about status rather than style. To be honest regardless of the price tag I just do not like the style of Hermes. With LV you get it all.
  8. :yes: Especially the comfortablity factor as well.

    Most of the Hermes bags I have looked at seems very inpractical...not to mention too boxy to carry with your hands everyday.
  9. me too!!!:yes:
  10. I would love to have a Birkin and a couple of Kellys one day. Until then, I'll ogle at my sister's. The Hermes bags are stunning, and IMO (don't shoot me), more timeless than LVs.
  11. Bang..Bang...:lol: :P
  12. The only thing I like from Hermes is the Birkin.
  13. This is a dilemma for me. I have thought about purchasing a Hermes handbag but I always find something from LV that floats my boat. I just can't quite get past the price!!
  14. I love the Birkin too!
  15. I wanted to get rid of 90% of my LVs and get a Birkin and a Kelly instead. But I think at this point of my life, LV suits me a lot better. Maybe in five years I'll get a Hermes!:love: I am dying to own one!:yes: Or two!:nuts: