A Thoery ? on Paddington Addiction

  1. Perhaps the addiction is strongest when one buys an awesome colour Paddington, then must have all sorts of great colors. Or a metallic Paddington vs. regular. Like if I had the money I would definitely get both the Brown Croco Paddy and the Washed Lizard Paddy (in like a nutmeg-ish color). Mmmmmmmm. :drool:

    I wanted my fave basic brown Paddy and I'm more satisfied with the neutral of her. And another neutral: grey looks very nice. But I've been dreaming of a brown Paddington for months, so no other colour will be the same at least for some time.

    Then there's getting different styles, I can totally see that. Here are some styles I have liked over the past year...

    Paddington Hobo, Pocket Paddington and Shoulder Paddington.

    (I see some musts for collections!!)
    chloe_paddingtonhobo.jpg chloe_pocketpaddington.jpg chloe_shoulderpaddington.jpg
  2. They are all fabulous, and that is the problem. YOu can't just stop at 1!
  3. ITA! omg, I bought a tan paddy, then 4 more paddys after --- got rid of 3 because I was very overwhelmed and then am now awaiting for 2 more....lol u realllllly can't have just 1
  4. I think the Paddy must somehow be the most addictive bag!

    Yeah I would want to get that croc, the lizard and that hobo. :love:

    (TOO expensive!)