A Thank You To Gayathri!

  1. Gayathri, Thank you for taking the time and always listing the great NM & BG handbag deals. When ever I see a great deal posted on a handbag from NM it always seems to be from you. Thanks again!
  2. And thank you to everyone else who does. Because of you people I have gotten some great deals on bags
  3. Count me in, Thanks. My dear gayathri!
  4. many thanks ladies!these are great!
  5. i agree! although part of me hates you for tempting me so:drool:
  6. Absolutely...and to all who have done the same - it's so thoughtful!
  7. Thank you Gayathri. I must say, though, that I had reached my quarterly spending limit (as agreed upon by my husband and myself...), and I was supposed to be not shopping until July 1st!!! But I couldn't resist the Edith shopper deal...I mean, it was such a deal! I am not sure what I am going to do when I get the bag. Hide it from the Hubby until July and then say I ordered it? He's no dummy...goodness, now the real drama begins!
  8. Thanks for all your postings! I love how we all shared our feedback ans shared pics after our purchases. It really makes a diff in our decision making. ;)
  9. thank you for the links!
  10. Aww, thanks girl :smile:
  11. yes, we all appreciate your efforts on the bag notifications!! you're the best. :smile:
  12. I agree, thank you Gayathri for posting these links, and thank you Tee7654 for prompting us to thank her!
  13. Yes! Thank you, Gayathri. I have purchased several bags at really good prices.
  14. Yup.. yup many thanks Gayathri :smile:
  15. Here's another "thank you" to you!! I've been looking at these treasures you've been posting!! Great deals!