A thank you & a "little something"

  1. I just wanted to share a few things....first, I really love being a part of tPF. Every morning I do the same thing. Pad from the bedroom to the kitchen, turn on the computer, get my coffee and sit down to the Purse Forum. I catch up on what's new, what's old and whatever is going on and it starts my day off on the right foot. I love it! So, thank you to all the wonderful women/men who are part of this really fun and informative site! :flowers:

    Second, I also want to say that because of some of you (and you know who you are) I've been presented with opportunities to own some beloved Hermes items I would have had to wait eons for. EONS! And maybe NEVER get the chance to enjoy!

    Today, my "little something" arrived (thank you, S :flowers: )....and she made my day!!!!!!

    (had to post one with my favorite shoe, LOU!)
    Elan&Lou.jpg Elan&me1.jpg elan&me2.jpg
  2. Oh, Shopmom you are not alone! This place is soooo marvelous! I love how everyone helps eachother out, and everything! I love this forum. I love your "little something"!!!! I love those shoes! What brand is it?
  3. WOW! You look SOOOOO great with Kelly clutch! DO you know the official name of that clutch? Wow! Just great!!!!!!!
  4. OMG Shopmom...first of all you look fantastic you skinny!! Secondly, I love your decor...is it French Country/antiques? And last but not least, I love your new Kelly and adorable shoes - so gorgeous!!

    Oh and before I forget...I love your postings/threads, fantastic sense of humor, honesty and sweet-hearted nature!!
  5. *on the floor* *can't get up*

    Shopmom you are GOOOOOOORGEOUS! just stunning!
    sooooo beautiful! *can't breath*

    and LOOOOVE the shoes, too!

    Congratulations!!!!! and Enjoy them!
  6. Shopmom, you look FABULOUS with the Kelly clutch! Very chic & elegant! :flowers:
  7. ....thank you, LH.....really :shame:

    I feel like a real dweeb because I don't know the official name of this clutch...:shrugs: It's the one with the handle at the back like OT's. And it's I THINK 11" x 6" x 2" in Chamonix w/gold hw.
  8. LOVe...lOVE...LoVE...everything you have to say Shopmom....I agree with you that everyone on this thread is respectful, intelligent, and have a great sense of humor and style.

    BTW, YOU look "MAH VA LOUS", Darling!!! Love the CL shoes, and the Clutch. You have such a KIND Heart!!
  9. I totally second this! Shopmom is a true sweetheart! :heart:
  10. LH....it's kind of a combination of French, Japanese, Italian....I just buy what I love and somehow it all seems to work together, you know? The couch is what I've kept of my mothers which I've loved for ages...quite a job keeping the cats off!!!:wtf:
  11. Wow - Wow - Wow!! (one for the Kelly clutch, one for the shoes, and one for the skinny minny holding the clutch!!) You go, girl -- you make us 40-somethings proud!! :yahoo:
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Gorgeous clutch! Love it! :love:

    I'm still new to the PF community (I've been lurking around / reading for a while but only just started to post) but I must say that you ladies not only have great taste but are also very helpful and friendly! :flowers:
  14. ....Oh Lordy! There's a REASON I wear those baggy sweaters! At almost (the un-mentionable age) things are going SOUTH and flab is growing in places it's never been before!!!!:wtf:

    DH is trying to get me to the gym but he hasn't been too successful....I've rather have teeth pulled!
  15. I truly believe that also...to buy only what you love and it will all go together naturally. :love: