A testament to Coach's quality

  1. so today I grabbed a coffee before class...they didn't give me a lid and it was pretty full and as I was walking away, I looked down and realized I had spilled it ALL OVER my leather soho flap:wtf::crybaby:...luckily, i wiped it off with a wet napkin and the coffee didn't leave one spot!!! :yahoo:

    and THAT'S why coach is sooooo worth it!:woohoo:
  2. OMG!!! That is amazing! I would have probably fainted at the first glance of coffee all over my bag!!!
  3. Not only that but Thank goodness you had a leather soho, imagine if it were fabric :sweatdrop: Glad your bag was not harmed!! I hope the coffee wasn't so hot that your bag will have to sue :lol:;)
  4. ^^^yeah this incident is exactly why i will not wear my sig stripe tote to school!! lol
  5. unfortunately I dribble coffee on my bags occasionally as I walk. Always been a leather bag and it has come right off.

    I never liked leather before, but now almost all bags I own are leather.
  6. I can attest. Was in a hurry yesterday and dropped my Bleeker on the sidewalk, catching my foot in the strap and dragging it leather-flap-down on the pavement.

    Barest of scuffs, easily buffed out.

    I :heart: Coach leather! :wlae:
  7. :pfunny:p
  8. Here's to COACH leather!:drinks:
  9. I actually spilled coffee on my signature duffle yesterday when my husband stepped on the brake in sudden, and I wiped it off no problem.. It's still perfect as it is :tup:
  10. this is like when I drowned my patent ergo hobo on accident :biggrin:
  11. im dreading my first spill on carly....i know it will happen...with 2 lil boys and life..it will happen...eeek!

  12. My quadruple tanning lotion exploded in my purse and was sitting there for 2 days until I noticed and wiped right off!!! Gotta love coach