A terrible problem......

  1. Hubby (truck driver) has been frustrated at work lately due to a jerk of a terminal manager. He has been so stressed. He has the option of taking a different position which means he'll be home more (which would be FANTASTIC for all of us but mostly for our 5 yr old daughter.) However, there would be a pay cut. It would start out as quite a drastic cut and gradually, over the course of a year, build back up to what it is now.

    The only savings account we have is my personal account, which I have emptied buying Balenciaga bags. Yes, I know, that is dumb but lots of us around here make dumb financial decisions in pursuit of handbag happiness! Right now I have an ink first, 04 khaki first and an eggplant first on it's way in the mail. I have about $3800 invested total in these three bags. That would be a very nice amount of money to have as a cushion in the savings account. Without a cushion, even with cutting back on other expenses, I fear we will run short at times before he builds his pay back up. What if there was an emergency?

    I feel so guilty for having these bags when my very hardworking and wonderful husband has the opportunity to escape a crappy work environment but he's worried about money. I know I really, really need to sell them. (NO I am not hinting around or trying to break the rules here, I just need moral support/advice.)

    I absolutely adore my ink bag. The 04 khaki is gorgeous, the leather is unreal, but I could probably let it go. And I haven't even had my hands on the eggplant yet, so I can't say one way or the other about it.

    What should I do? At this time, all I told hubby was "You do what will make you happy and don't worry about money. I will sell some bags and cut back on other things, we'll be fine." He knows bbags are expensive but he really has no idea the amount of money I have invested in them. He's never asked. :graucho:

    I could really use some advice and encouragement. He's probably going to take the job no matter what but my dilemma is whether to sell them all and do the "right" thing for my savings account and peace of mind. But I will miss them soooo much....:crybaby: I know they are just "things" but especially my ink first....it's more than a "thing" to me.

    Thanks in advance.....sorry so long....
  2. Honestly, as sad as it is to say, I would sell them. Almost every bag resurfaces eventually & you can buy them again later. I hope everything gets better soon so that you can buy new fabulous bags!
  3. wow, i'm sorry to hear that. but at least he'll be more around.
    maybe you can keep one you really love?
    i would say keep the eggplant first, it's so gorgeous and rare. but i must say you can get more money selling that one than the other two.
    and when your financials strong again, you can always buy more b-bags.
    good luck dear...
  4. I think you should sell 2 out of three of them. Keep the one you really love. When the money starts to roll back in you can either find the other 2 bags or find some other bags you are equally in love with. The money will be in the bank making a little bit of interest and it's for the best interest of your family. Especially if it's pretty clear he's going to be taking a job that won't be paying as much at this moment.
  5. Oh LoriB, I'm sorry to hear that your DH is having a tough time at work...that's the worst b/c we spend the majority of our day there. :sad: From what you have said, I say wait for the eggplant first to arrive and compare it to the ink. Pick your favorite and sell the other two. That way, you'll have around $2500 to put in savings and still have a wonderful bbag.:jammin: I actually think having one bbag is not a bad thing b/c then you can wear it all the time without feeling like you're neglecting the others. :angel: I only had one for 1.5 years and loved her to death, now that i've added to my collection, i actually feel bad for her.:Push: Things will work out - and hey! once his pays starts going back up, the spring colors will be out! :graucho:
  6. Your replies so far have already brought a smile to my face. Thanks so much girls, your words mean more to me than you know......
  7. Oh, Lori, I'm so sorry to hear about your dilema. DH and I were in a similar situation and I know how tough it can be. I think you should keep the bag you love most and sell the other two. Then, when things pick back up again and your hubby's income is back up to where it used to be, you can replace those bags(Balenciaga is always coming out with gorgeous new colors.:heart: ) Big hugs to you---(((((LoriB)))))
  8. lorib, so sorry to hear about your husband's situation.
    i agree with the rest of the gals about selling a bag or two. pick one that you absolutely love to keep for yourself, bc you deserve it!

    otherwise, i know if it were me, i'd rather feel secure knowing my family's finances will be okay. you can get the bags later; they always find a way back!
  9. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Bags can be replaced your hubby's health and mental state can't! I hope and pray everything works out for you.
  10. lori i'm sorry to hear of your situation. i agree with jennifer that you should sell two to give yourself peace of mind and keep the one you love the most. even though it absolutely sucks to be in this position it would be worse if there was no solution (and no backup money) at all.
    and hang in there, bbags will be there when you have that money to splurge for yourself again!
  11. I agree with the others...sell two of the bags, keep one.

    Also, take a look at your existing bills...is there some additional way you can cut back? I recently converted to VoIP which amounts to a savings of $720/year for my home phone. What about the cable bill? I've also swapped my regular light bulbs out for those energy savers light bulbs. They are more expensive to buy, BUT they are supposed to save $40-60/bulb off my annual electric bill. What about your auto insurance? These aren't huge amounts in savings but every little bit helps!!:flowers:
  12. I agree with everyone else- sell two and keep one.
  13. Your family, and comfort should come first and foremost -- there is no doubt in my mind that you should sell the bags. Bags, while lovely, are material objects - and your daughter and husband need you, and I'm sure your husband would do the same for you :love:. It will be hard, but just know you are doing the right thing, and making a LIFETIME (very smart) decision -- and when times get better, you will always be able to find another bag that will make you just as happy to 'reward' yourself when things are easier.

    :big hugs: we're here for you.
  14. I'm sorry to hear about your situation! All of use have to make hard decisions from time to time. I too am selling all of my b-bags due to being robbed of a brand new b-bag and a diamond ring that was in it. Keep 1 that's your favorite (I would say either ink or eggplant) and then sell the rest for your savings. In time, you WILL have more money to buy luxury items like b bags. Best of luck!
  15. I agree with everyone...you should sell two bags and keep one that you love.The happiness of your daughter and husband is foremost the most important thing right now.B-bags will always be around and when your more financial secure you'll be able to splurge.;)