a terrible nightmare is arrived :(

  1. hi guys,

    Something horrible happened this morning :crybaby:

    i was on meeting in a fast food restaurant (where i've designed the furniture) and suddently i've searched for my bag to grab my agenda an a pen, then i've realised that my bag was stollen (the bag was on the floor behind my chair).

    I'm soooooo sad, i've lost in one second :

    - Bally leather messenger (birthday gift)
    - dior gaucho wallet (filled with all my paper, Credit and debit card, ID, license, ...)
    - Louis vuitton groom agenda
    - Louis vuitton epi cles
    - canon digital camera
    - ipod nano
    - gucci purse with all my little treasures
    - prada key chain with my lexus key
    - dior keychain with my house key

    my cell phone and my gas debit card were in my jacket's pocket, those 2 items are the only survivors of my "nomad life".

    All in one around 3000 $ :crybaby:

    i'm so sad, you couldnt even imagine, i've retain my tears, i was so shocked.

    my car was parked in a underground parking and i've called a taxi to come back to my office.

    i dont dont if i'll buy again expensive and high end accessories, i loved them so much, it's such a tragedy when you lost your beloved stuff.

    Sad, sad day for me !

  2. :sad: I can see it being a sad day.
  3. I am so sorry this happened to you....hugs!!!! I'm just amazed that people stoop so low to steal other people's belongings, this makes me very mad!:cursing: Be sure to call and report everything.
  4. How horrible! I am really sorry that happened to you. If it were me I would of cried my eyes out. What is the world coming to?
  5. Really sorry that this has happened to you, can't believe people would stoop so low.
  6. omg that's horrible.

    did you have your house locks changed??
  7. Im so sorry hun. I know what your going through when a bag is gone. It sucks and makes you sick to your stomach.
  8. OMG I am sooo sorry. I hope you called the police. Maybe the restaurant has video tape to see who robbed you.
  9. OMG - that's a nightmare. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. Have you contacted the police?
  10. ohh geez, im so sorry!! I cant say I feel your pain.. but you seem so sad and depressed!! I cant believe your bag was stolen, was there security? or policeman that could report this to??So so sorry!!
  11. yeah i've contacted the police and filled a complain.
    my car and house locks are changed !
    thank you everyone for your kind words
  12. So sorry to hear that this has happened to you. Hugsssss....

    Oh, I hope u had ur locks changed 'cos ur house keys were in there?! I hope everything sorts out well for u...
  13. I'm very sorry this happened to you.
  14. Oh, I'm so sorry about that. Report it, I'm not sure if they will be able to do anything but at least, don't let them get away with it so easily. You might be able to help the next victim, who knows. :shrugs:

    What goes around comes around. If they can stoop so low to steal people's bag, one day, they'll know how it feels like to be the victim.
  15. Sorry to hear such a terrible happened to you...*hugs* :sad: