A teeny weeny little orange box has arrived

  1. She's small, but I have searched high and low for her in the past few years. I have passed on ones in terrible condition and others with sky high prices. Finally, my H fairy answered my prayers.

    I couldn't wait to open the box when she arrived this afternoon, so no strip tease here. Here she is .......my sterling silver kelly cadena from 1997:love:. I just love the details on this little baby.




  2. Congratulations. It is quite a piece.
  3. Wow what a lovely cadena! Love the details! Congrats!
  4. This is so beautiful and unusual! Can be worn as a pendant too!
  5. The details are amazing! Absolutely love this, LTC. :love: I'm a huge Kelly lover and I think I need one too. Please shout if any one see this around. Thank you.
  6. It's so cute! Congrats
  7. So pretty and cute, the details are stunning!
  8. congrats, its great when you manage to find what you are looking for.x
  9. again...just exquisite :tender: and worth the wait. Congratulations!!
  10. Love it, how gorgeous!!
  11. LTC, your Kelly cadena is gorgeous. :smile: Congrats. :smile:
  12. LTC, exquisite!
  13. that is so fun! absolutely love it.
  14. I saw a photo of one of these once -- fabulous!
  15. LTC, your Kelly cadena is gorgeous. So pleased for you that you managed to track it down