A teeny tiny reveal & escape from BAN Island!!

  1. :cloud9::love::love::love::love::faint::faint::faint: OMG !! This is serious business. What a gorgeous bag. Rouge C is a true red and I'm so glad that I ordered a TPM leather GP in this color. I can't wait to get it now.

    And that CDC ??? is TDF.................

    Congrats on your 'small' loot and take all your goodies to share with the other TPFers on BAN island.
  2. Gulp! Desire rushing through veins! Huge congrats on all gorgy items cp, thoroughly enjoyed the reveal!!!
  3. Gorgeous....stunning....of course you couldn't resist:smile:
  4. A CDC garden of pleasure after my own heart:smile: Delicious:smile:
  5. YUM YUM YUM! What a great idea! I am going to do that for mine! I keep them in their individual boxes and it's quite a chore to get them out each time. :tup:
  6. wow...your cdc collection is amazing!!! love all your purchases...congrats!!
  7. CP, congrats on steering through that riptide with such aplomb! Glad to see there's someone out there who's as nutty as me about the ELenK shawl! Thought I was bad enough with three (01,05 & 07), but 4?!!!! Gorgeous purchases, you've earnt a special cocktail on Ban Island:beach:, enjoy!
  8. Stunning reveal as usual CP, worth escaping from BAN Island!!
  9. Simply stunning CP, love love each of these H goodies, lovely collection, huge congrats.
  10. Wow!!Amazing reveal! Such lovely pieces for summer!
  11. Congratulations! Love all your goodies! Especially the RC ones! Is it such a wonderful colour! And I still can't believe I was lucky enough to get a bag in this colour too! Enjoy in good health!
  12. .......W.O.W.!!!!!!!

    I'm both drooling and trying to pick my jaw up from the floor!!!!!

    Love everything you got. That JIGE in RC is TO DIE FOR :love::love::love:

    Your CDC & silks collection is amazing!!!!!!
  13. Hermes reds are sooooooooo irresistable... :love:
    Fab collection of cdcs... So many beautiful exotics!
    Congrats and hopefully you can get off ban island soon! :graucho:
  14. Loved ever item. Wow.
  15. Love it all! Was laughing as you revealed the first three since I have recently acquired An orange swift CDC GHW, an RC Epsom CDC GHW and an ExLenK in cw05, in that order. After that, our purchases diverge!
    That Rouge Casaque Jige Élan is divine, cp.