A teeny tiny reveal after a weekend trip to H!

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  1. Hello! Anyone's here? :nuts:
  2. I'm here!!!!!
  3. :whistle:
  4. Where is everyone????
  5. Good, tillie! Here we go:


    The shopping bag is quite small. Let's have a look what's inside, shall we?

    DSC04557.JPG DSC04558.JPG
  6. I'm here too ;)
  7. Yayyyyyyyyy Let's do it!!!!!!
  8. One twilly and one scarf ???? Dip dye :confused1:
  9. And a smallest H tower in the world:

  10. Three boxes!!!!!!!
  11. Lightpinkdaisy, that's a lovely H box tower!
  12. :popcorn:
  13. Very good guess, FrenchSandra!

    Tohu Bohu Twilly:


    And a modeling pic with Blue Jean:

    DSC04560.JPG DSC04564.JPG
  14. Love the dip dye Bolduc :heart:
  15. They look gorgeous together!:cloud9: