A teeny tiny orange box.

  1. Not a bag or a scarf but a perfume.

    I bought the Eau d'Orange Vert perfume last week for my birthday. I had wanted the mediterrranean garden scent but the department store was sold out. but the EdOV is such as light scent that I bought it for an everday spray, given that it's a cologne.

  2. Congratulations! Is this your first venture into a H store? :tup:
  3. Lovely choice! Very fresh and clean and yummy. Congratulations!
  4. Lovely choice, congrats!
  5. Great!! Do share how you like it. I've tried several Hermes fragrances, but they all feel a bit overpowering for me. Is this different?
  6. Miss Mustard try the "Un Jardin Sur Le Nil" its in a green bottle it smells so fresh and light. its my fav scent!
  7. Great Choice.
  8. Mine too! (thanks to tricia :heart:)
  9. I got it from a department store, I probably should have waited and gone to an Hermes but I wanted the perfume badly.
  10. This one is a light orangey scent. It's so light I bought it for everyday use.

    I think some of them are a bit stronger e.g. Faubourg and the one with the round bottle, then name escapes me right now.
  11. Yes, and Un Jardin en Méditerranée is light too, that's the next one I'll get. Though, maybe for next spring.

  12. Congrats
  13. Congrats! That is such a great scent! :yahoo:
  14. Congratulations!!! Enjoy!!!
  15. congratulations! no orange box is ever too little lol.

    and happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!