a tear on the leather........

  1. has anyone ever experience a tear on the leather of the bag, if so, does it gets bigger?
  2. Could you take a picture and show us the location? Whether a tear gets bigger depends on the stresses it will undergo.
  3. sweetie, i know you took the tags off, but you've gotta call AR & ask them to exchange the bag for you :girlsigh:...i received a bag from them with a tear in it (see below)...i didn't want an exchange, but they refunded my $$$ & didn't charge me a restocking fee since it was defective ;)
  4. just call them up in the morning. you paid 1200 for a bag that has a rip? hell no! tag attatched or not, it has a flaw, make them take it back, it really is not that big of a deal, and believe it or now, the SAs at AR are very nice! no need to be afraid of calling them up- things like this happen.
  5. never had tear on my b-bag, but if it's not caused by you, i think you should return it!
  6. the newer eather had a tendency to get dry and "ripped", sometimes a conditioner will help, but it really depends on the severity of the rip. if you paid full price and it's brand new, i say you exchange it. good luck!
  7. I've received a bbag with a tear before and I exchange it promptly. I called the same day I received it to let them know. But, I didn't take the tags off mine. I think the soonest you call and let them know the better. I would definitely exchange it for a new one.:yes:
  8. Yes you should exchange for another because the tear could get bigger ... you don't really want to take a chance. I bought an emerald courier and it had this soft spot (all the veins met together on one spot and it seemed prone to rip). I kept putting conditioner and lubriderm on that spot but it just kept bugging me so I just returned the bag.
  9. Definitely call them- I am sure they'll be more than happy to exchange it for you!

    If I got a bag w/a rip I can guarantee I'd be on the phone the second after I saw it!