a tasty valentine selection

  1. check out the LV website - it's updated with all the lovely valentine's offerings.

  2. did anyone notice this in the Valentine's Animation:

    - when they show the tambour watch, what appears to be a cherry tomato pops up from seemingly nowhere (right next to the watch face)? =P

    - I think I convulsed when I saw the vernis ludlow in PERLE (!!!) displayed in a pool of CHERRY SAUCE! (don't they know how hard it is to keep those things CLEAN?!)


  3. Beautiful. I'd love to order everything!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Oooh finally i see it ! :nuts: its great anjli!
    you can find it by clicking:yes: on the side menu where it says " A Tasty Valentine Selection"!!
  5. Oh, I hadn't seen this! Thanks for posting!
  6. I was just wondering are they offering the Brentwood or the Houston in the pomme color???? :wondering :confused1:
  7. Yes of course!! :yes:
  8. I saw them all and I was the Pomme d'Amour Rede PM!!!
  9. How hot!!! :drool:
  10. whoa, whoa - wait a second. so no one else was out of their mind that the perle ludlow wallet was in a pool of cherry sauce?!

    I must just be very ocd then!

  11. hmmm wonder what my chances of getting my hands on one of those handbags are??!!! :nuts: :sweatdrop: :girlsigh:
  12. Love it!
  13. mm i watched this yesterday...all the goodies, the multicolor, brown and pomme choices. For some reason thinking about that clip makes me hungry...?
  14. the ads are pop really well!
  15. thanks queenOFcouture i wouldnt have noticed that animation if u wouldnt have pointed to it.. i want everything there! :love: