A taste of my collection...

  1. Hey ladies, this is my first post on tPF. I hope my pictures show up. Well unfortunately my b/f has my digital camera so here a just a few pictures I took awhile ago of some of my LV collection.I will add more pics in the next few days of my Dior, Ferragamo, Chanel & Gucci bags.

    I have to say of all the items pictured the little white MC Porte Monnaie happens to be my fav as it was the first LV item I purchased myself.

  2. I love the little Porte Monnaie too, it's adorable and the patina really makes the colors pop. And you have a great Cerises collection! :love:
  3. A veritable feast. Gorgeous :love:
  4. Fantastic collection! I love your Cerises pieces.
  5. Gorgeous! I like the BV and the Cerises speedy...nice!! :heart:
  6. Aww.. the PMP and the mini HL are just too precious together !
  7. lovely collection, the MC mini sac is so cute! :love:
  8. Oh, I just L:heart:VE your collection!! Which is your favorite?:P ;)
  9. i love all your items! theyre adorable! especially the cerises!
  10. Thank you ladies! Unfortunately I still have not been able to upload my other pics from my digital camera because I cannot find the cable to hook it up to my computer. Tomorrow I'm gonna check out Best Buy or Circuit City to get a new cable so I can put my other pics up.
  11. Beautiful collection!!! Thank you for sharing.:flowers:
  12. What a great collection. I love your cerise items.
  13. Gorgeous Collection .. :flowers:
  14. greta collection, nice cerises, more chanel, gucci and dior.....can't wait
  15. Got to :heart: the cherries! :biggrin: