A tangerine ps1

  1. Okay... give it to me straight, how likely is it that i'll find one of the amazingly bright tangerine colored ps1's (medium preferable) of last season???

    I totally missed out.

    I'm not the owner of a ps1 yet, in fact I am a mainly balenciaga girl... but this color really is it. Thoughts, anyone?
  2. There's a medium tangerine ps1 for sale now at hgbagsonline.com
  3. Oh wow, you're right!!! I CANNOT believe I missed that. I did look at HGbags when I was searching for it, but must have given up short of the last page of bags??? I found it elsewhere at a pretty large price increase. :pout:

    I will just need to focus on my excitement on getting the bag! Will definitely try to post pics of it on its arrival (expecting it some time in the next few days)!!!

    Thanks for your reply :smile:
  4. URGH! I hate when that happens too...but on the bright side, you'll be enjoying that gorgeous bag very soon :graucho:
  5. Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics :biggrin:
  6. So my bag finally arrived at the end of last week and after a weekend of use I now have a verdict: I am loving my tangerine ps1! :hbeat:

    After consistent use these last few days, the leather looks a tad bit slouchier. Because of the structured nature of the bag I didn't imagine it would be so soft, but it is... and its wonderful! :drool: The color is also TO DIE FOR. I'm so glad I was able to track this one down. And who says orange isn't a neutral??? I've been using it as one!

    If people are thinking about this size vs another... I've taken a few pics to compare a rh Balenciaga to this medium size. It is and feels quite a bit smaller than the city. I think because of the color of the bag, I'm okay with this smaller size. Any larger and it might have been a little TOO much pop for me. For practicality's sake I might go with a larger size next time. I'm also thinking that as a taller girl (5'9), the strap might be longer, but I'm used to dealing with strap issues with Bal bags (lol).

    If anyone is thinking of this bag as a school bag. SIZE UP. It won't fit school books or computers, for sure. All I could get in there were my basics - an LV Insolite wallet, a make-up bag, an ipad2 (without the sleeve), my keys, phone. This was in the main compartment. I have to say, all of the pocket options are great.

    I've uploaded some pics to flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/76645068@N04/sets/72157629318996213/... maybe someone help me figure out how to embed them? :smile: Thanks!
  7. That's a hottie of a bag!! Congrats! Such a stunning colour.
  8. Tangerine is such a fresh pop of color! Great choice!
  9. Congrats on your new beauty! I love the color and I think that there are many colors out there that works as neutrals. Orange is one of them!
  10. WOW! I love the color, it's simply GORGEOUS!!
  11. I just LOVE your bag! I am a Bal girl too but I have one PS1 that I adore. Tangerine is a really great color.
  12. I love the tangerine!
  13. I love your tangerine cutie!! It looks red-orange in some of your photos...is it a dark orange?
  14. Gorgeous!! I had this bag for a very short time, but the color just wasn't right for me personally, but it's DEFINITELY a head turner!! I don't use flickr, but on tinypic, it's super easy. You just load the pictures (you don't even have to have an account) and once it loads there will be some links on the side and you just copy and paste the one for "message boards" into your post and that works!!
  15. Anyone know where I can find a tangerine ps1 in a medium or large? I regret not getting this months ago and now I can't find it anywhere! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :smile: