A tale of two repairs: Hermes vs LV

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  1. Hey guys, looking for a bit of advice here. I have a wallet that is starting to come apart. I went into the store the other day to find out what (if anything) could be done. The sales guy took pictures of the damage and sent it off for evaluation. Got a call today saying that thus far they are unable to locate the purchase record of the wallet in their computers (though they see everything else over the years...keepalls, Michael backpack, various other wallets and keyholders, pens, belts, shoes, etc.....apparently all this spend doesnt buy one ounce of good will over a small freaking wallet....). And due to this they are unable to do anything unless i can provide proof of purchase.

    So i just went through the past 3 years of credit card receipts and filtered out all my LV purchases, and my process of elimination managed to find the original charge. Turns out it was when i was in Paris a few years ago.

    Called customer service back and said i had found the date to which they cut in "thats great we can have the store print up a duplicate receipt but you must go in person with a photo ID to claim it", Yea well im in Minnesota and im not about to fly to France to pick up a receipt over a wallet i got for $200....And further they cant even view it as North American customer service does not have access to any international records.

    Has anyone run into any issues like this before? Any advise on how to get this handled?
  2. it's the first I've heared of this
    more than that I had many items repaired that
    I either got pre loved or were a gift from gamily and was
    never asked to proove where I got it from
  3. Something's not right there. I purchased an LV wallet in Canada which ripped a couple of years later. Took it into store here in UK, was advised it was a manufacturing issue and it was replaced without issue. I can't even recall them looking for the purchase history but if they can't view international transactions then they wouldn't have found it anyway!
  4. I brought a trousse pochette from eBay and it was in a state so took it to bond street to get repaired , was NEVER asked about purchase history or anything, it was sent off repaired and returned. I would speak to the store manager
  5. That is truly bizarre.

    I just had two items repaired, neither of which I bought from LV. If I can have authentic pre-loved items repaired, why can't you have a repair done on something you bought from them yourself?

    I think it is correct that transactions that have taken place outside your own country do not appear in your purchase history, but that shouldn't even come into it when having something repaired. If it's authentic, not literally in a state of disrepair and they have the parts available, they should repair it.

    I'd be interested to know how this pans out. I can't imagine what their reasoning is for this.
  6. This makes no sense. Never been asked about purchase history on vintage trunks I've had repaired. With the runway piece I have in currently the SA only asked out of curiosity as they hadn't stocked it.
  7. Agreed, you can get preloved items repaired with ease so clearly they don't require proof of purchase? Speak to someone else, that's crazy. Good luck
  8. I'm thoroughly confused then. I am by no means a really high spending customer, i mostly get smaller accessories (key holders, wallets, and the like with an occasional larger item thrown in). my spend is usually at various stores as i like to bring something nice home when i travel, so at first i thought it may be because i dont have a really established relationship with my local LV....This is the first time ive had to get anything repaired so its all new to me, disappointing to hear that this is FAR from the norm. I spoke with my local store directly again last night to tell them the date it was bought in Paris and was told that they would talk to the manager tomorrow (now today Thursday) and see what they could pull up and go from there.

    At this point im basically just about at my limit for patience here. I first brought it in last monday so its now been 10 days and the store has yet to even tell me if a repair is even POSSIBLE.

    I will post back when/if they actually call me back today.
  9. Well end of day 10 and no call back from the store. So tomorrow will push into day 11 and i still dont know if they can repair this. I'm calling BG tomorrow and ordering a Goyard St Marc instead.....
  10. Well update: Put in a complaint email online last night...and well i guess those complaint emails move FAST.

    I just got a call from the store basically groveling and apologizing for everything. Claimed its the repair center that needs this information, 'they are really picky about it'. One other thing id mentioned in my complaint email was when the guy did call me back on Wednesday, while talking he had cut me off sentence excused himself and put me on hold, he apologized on the phone just now and claimed a 'security issue in the store', which if true i cant really fault him for. Also said that the repair center got back and there STILL no clear cut yes or no on a repair, so they need it sent to the shop for evaluation which will take a few weeks. Think im going to go drop it off and let them send it out to see what can be done anyway. really amazed at this whole experience.

    Funny part was not long after getting off the phone with the store i got an email back from LV customer care directly regarding my email. Among the parts of them tip toeing around saying theres no time frame they can promise for repairs and the like....this line stood out:

    Client Services is not provided with determinations of Quality Assessments, as they are provided by our trained in-store specialists. I am sorry if you were given conflicting or erroneous information, but as your wallet was already taken into the store for an assessment, it is not necessary to provide proof of purchase, although the original purchase transaction is documented and visible in our record keeping system.

    So...my store lied to me when they requested the proof originally, and again when apologizing on the phone blaming the repair department saying it was them who required it?
  11. Sometimes photos sent to Repair Centres don't provide the craftspeople with enough information on what would be required to repair the item so the item has to be sent in. I've had this happen before. I've had repair quotes provided immediately by store, I've had items sent in for repair quotes and have also had items replaced once they've got to the Repair Centre where they have, presumably, been deemed beyond repair and had manufacturing issues.

    If they're going to send it off to look at repairing it then I'd let it go - life's too short in all honesty. There may be a charge for the repair, depending on the Repair Centre opinion.
  12. Thanks! Yea i understand that the photos may not fully show the damage and it needs to be sent in. At this point though its more turned into the fact that its just about at 2 weeks since i first inquired with them and they have spent this entire time attempting to get my 'proof of purchase' when every single other person ive talked to (including customer care now) has told me that this is NOT required or at all company policy. Assume there could be a charge and as you said, lifes too short, BG is overnighting me my new Goyard already, i dont feel like investing any more time trying to get this fixed =/
  13. Sorry its a long read, but i think its well worth it. I realize this is the LV section section here but i think that the contrasting service i received underscores why LVMH shouldnt ever take over Hermes!

    So in the past few weeks I've had to deal with my first ever repairs on items from both LV and Hermes. I'd never had to deal with repairs before, and these were both small items, a LV Pocket Organizer in Damier Graphite, and a Hermes refillable leather travel fragrance bottle. Both bought at the same time, on the same trip actually, Paris vacation Jan 2011 for ~$200 each.

    Ill start with the LV repair which i have detailed more in my original thread asking for advise over in the LV section here:

    Noticed that the wallet had some stitching coming undone so I stopped by my store. I showed the salesman the damage to the wallet and inquired about what could be done. He snapped some photos and emailed them off to the repair department for evaluation telling me it would be a day or two for them to review it and he would call me back. 8 days go by. Tuesday the following week i attempt to call my local store but theres something wrong with their phone number and every call is answered "linens direct how many i direct your call". Apparently the phone company has messed something up so call the LV customer care number to ask for any updates, they inform me they aren't able to reach my sales guy but will email him to request he return my call asap.

    When he finally returns my call the next day (Wednesday 9 days AFTER I went in) he informs me that they are unable to locate a purchase record for my wallet and unless i am able to produce proof of purchase they will be unable to do anything for me. He reviews everything associated with my name in the system (Keepalls, Michael backpack, various other wallets and keyholders, pens, belts, shoes, etc.....) dating back to when i bought my first LV item...a first or 2nd gen iPhone case.But no where do they see the wallet.

    I post this on here as well as some Facebook groups im in and receive a slew of replies from people stating that in all their years buying LV (new, pre-loved, gifts), they have NEVER EVER been asked to produce any proof of purchase for repairs. I call customer care to attempt to see if they can locate it for me anyway, however they cannot. They tell me if however i can find my original receipt or the date it was bought on my credit card statement they can narrow their search better. So i spend a couple hours both on PDF copies and on the phone with my bank searching farther and farther back till they eventually located it. Jan 10 2011 in Paris.

    Armed with this information I call customer care back so that they can pull up that day and find me. Whoops! "We cannot validate any purchases made outside of the country as we dont have access to those databases". FML. As a last ditch I call the store directly and give the salespeople the date and situation, to which they say they will talk to their manager tomorrow and see what can be done.

    Following this I send an email to LV via their website outlining everything ive had to go through, how its been a week and a half and i dont even know if its POSSIBLE to repair my wallet. That ive been jumping through hoops trying to prove i bought this wallet when everyone else i ask says this should never be required. The email is sent Wednesday night. Thursday morning i get a call from the sales guy groveling and apologizing for the delays, for how long its taking, and explains that "the repair service center requires the purchase record for repairs unfortunately." And says that if I can bring the wallet in they will send it off anyway for evaluation but it could take upto 6 weeks, though they would request it be rushed to "make up for" all my hassle.

    Now the fun part. About 10 min after he hangs up i get a email reply from customer care in which they state:
    "I am sorry if you were given conflicting or erroneous information, but as your wallet was already taken into the store for an assessment, it is not necessary to provide proof of purchase, although the original purchase transaction is documented and visible in our record keeping system."
    So not only did my store lie to me originally when they requested proof, but lied to me AGAIN when trying to apologize and blamed the repair center. So as it stands in the morning it will have been 2 WEEKS since i first asked about them repairing the wallet and i still dont know if its possible, and it could take upto SIX WEEKS more to find out. I've given up on trying to get this wallet fixed, called BG and a Goyard St. Marc will be here start of the week.

    NOW to compare it to Hermes:

    The cap of the travel fragrance bottle broke and so while visiting Atlanta for an engagement party about 3 weeks ago, i went into the store to inquire about repair. The salesman looked it over, said they could ship it out for repair right away. Filled out the paperwork, signed on the dotted line. And it was off. Got a call start of last week informing me they had repaired it all for me, for free, and it was in the store for me to pick up. As im from Minnesota i asked if it could be mailed to me. Of course! and free shipping. It arrived yesterday, mint condition, free and easy.

    Thanks for reading my long winded rant! No idea whats up with LV and their attitude towards me. But im done with them now.
  14. I am sorry you were given such a hard time. I think it unfortunately very much depends on the salesperson who takes care of you, not the company as a whole. Some SA are not well informed, others are not willing to help... In this case I would just bring it to a different LV location or would talk to a different SA.
  15. Wow!