A Tale of Two Marions.....plus a bonus reveal!!! :-)

  1. Excellent choice! :biggrin:
  2. cee, I was watching an episode of "Royal Pains" and the girl in it was toting around your Azure Prisma the WHOLE episode and I was drooling the whole time!!

    Someone on the AW Celeb thread posted a screencap (borrowed from that thread!):


    Hehe I want one!! :graucho:
  3. I love the Parchment!! I wish I had seen that one but I actually bought the eggshell and rose gold and I love it :biggrin: My first Wang!! One question, what did you treat your Marion with and any tips on cleaning and general maintenance?
  4. I'm so addicted to the Marion, I want ALL the colours!!! :giggles: I love my eggshell Marion but I want mooooore teehee. :roflmfao: