A Tale of Two Marions.....plus a bonus reveal!!! :-)

  1. thanks cinnabun!!!! :ghi5: i actually have to doubly thank u cause you're that awesome wangster i was referring to!!!!! :biggrin: the azure prisma is from mrshoutnet.com!! :p it was their last one and (although nervous), i ordered and it came within 5 days!! and the international shipping, though hefty, was totally worth it!!! i'd been trying to find one in azure for so long but they're sold out everywhere here in the states!!

    yay!! marion cousins! i saw spice but was too late!! was already sold out by the time i got to Outnet! glad u scored one, the color is stunning!!!

    i know!!! had no idea there were two versions!!! thanks scoobie! azure kinda reminds me of bal outremer, i'd love to see the two side by side!!!

    thanks zoe!!! it's also smoother which translates to "attracts less dirt!!" - the softer distressed leather on the eggshell is like a dirt magnet!! lol
  2. thanks plsf, you're such a doll!!! :hugs: and u didn't help at all!!! hahahhaa girrrrlll, i wish i could keep both!!! but i already made my mind even before i posted, was just seeing if it would change when looking at them side by side.... but it hasn't! i'm sticking with the original gut instinct!

    azure is gorgeous!! but outremer is equally stunning!!! i would LOVE to see these two side by side!!! maybe bring your hip over so we can compare bags??? :p
  3. ditto!!! i wish i saw spice on sale too!!! love that saturated red!!!

    :biggrin: thanks girl! it's such a stunning color!!!! totally reminiscent of bal outremer or RM's first edition electric blue!!! u know there's an azure marion, just gotta wait for it to surface!!..... :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  4. LOve the Parchment! The leather with that hw is just a gorgeous match... :love: Plus love the fact that it has the zippered compartment... :tup:

    Holy Dying over here.... :faint: I love everything about this one! Azure is one magnificent color...Happy you were able to track a Prisma tote down. Looks amazing on you...
  5. ceedoan, if you end up choosing the parchment and let go of the eggshell, i'd love to take it off your hands! did you get it from The Outnet? x
  6. I didn't even realize that I had helped you get the Prisma tote! They have some good deals sometimes on mrshoutnet.com that make the hefty shipping prices worth it.

    And I commend you for getting a lighter colored Marion.. I wanted to pull the trigger on a lighter one but couldn't bring myself to do it because I know how horrible I am with bags. Though I think that the leather on the Marion will have less color transfer than that of my Donna or other more soft buttery leathered bags.
  7. Oh and I forgot to mention, this is a GREAT point. I had purchased the minty eggshell Marion before and ended up selling it so when I got the Spice Marion, I remember that part of my ultimate decision was that I loved the two compartments and the zipper in the middle! Also I have to say, the new version of the Marion looks better to me.. from your comparison photos, the piping or detailing on the top flat looks more flattering on the newer version IMO.
  8. hi TARA!! :wave: thanks girl!! i've made my decision! (and it didn't change from my gut instinct when i saw both bags side by side :p)

    and YES! omg love prisma! it's so lightweight! it's like carrying nothing compared to rocco LOL it's gonna be my "throw everything in and out the door" bag! :p

    and speaking of amazing AW bags.... u thinkin about gettin ur first wang??? :graucho::graucho:

  9. :yes:
  10. YUP! so THANK YOU THANK YOU!! :ghi5:

    and i'm nervous with parchment, but it's just too darn gorgeous that i just have to be extra careful!! i just LOVE light colored bags!! hehe

    i had no idea there were two versions until i saw these two side by side! then realized the all the ones with rosegold seems to be one version while the parchment, azure, toffee, and spice are the other version. i think they're both gorgeous, but yeah... i agree! i prefer the zipper pocket and 2 main compartments as well as the flap detailing on parchment. that and i'm a sucker for gunmetal/brushed silver hardware! but then again, i'm also a lover of rosegold since my rocco has the rg bullet studs!!! :giggles:
  11. I love the rose gold, although the middle compartment in the parchment is useful too. I'm white-scared though, am thinking of selling off all my light greys, creams, and taupe bags 'cuz I'm too scared to use 'em! :shame:

    Love the cobalt blue tote too!! I see you're turning from RM to AWang!
  12. I am! I definitely want a Rocco like now... I'm nowhere near purchasing one yet but the fund has been started...;)
  13. "white-scared"!!!! :lol: i think you've coined a new phrase glory!!! :p i LOVE how classy and chic white/creams/beige bags look, but yes, there's the whole wear/tear aspect that's so scary cause it's like one strike and you're out!! but i just can't part with my light colored bags. i actually listed CQP MAC TWICE but took it down in less than 2 minutes each time cause i love it so much!! i also thought about listing my cream MBMJ groovee but again, that leather... the hw... i just couldn't!!! and now with parchment... :love:

    and yes, i'm still a minkette at heart (always & forever my first love!! :hbeat:) but yeah... AW moved in with Rocco and now the flood gates have opened!!! haha i'm so close to giving in and ordering the cayenne rockie.... it has black nickel cupcake studs!!! omg omg omg. hyperventilating over here! :panic::panic: but i also want the persimmon jane that's on aw.com right now and also a small emile. ahhhhh so many bags, not enough money right now!!!

  14. :woohoo::woohoo::woot::woot::choochoo::panic: :panic: :wlae::wlae::tup::tup:
  15. :ty: ladies for all your thoughts/opinions about my Marion dilemma!!!

    i've decided to go with the one i originally thought to keep all along....

    PARCHMENT w/ BLACK NICKEL!!! :biggrin: :party: