A tale of two knots....

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  1. It is such a fun color and design, price was very good too, i could not resist it:biggrin: thats awesome you found your HG knot , which one is it!
  2. The grey satin, it's not anything particularly unique or unusual, but I love it and I can wear it with so many different things.
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  3. I love it. Its so classic and elegant. And can be worn with so many different outfits, so its a very practical choice too. The color is really stunning:heart:
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  4. It goes with so much and the hardware can make it a little more casual when necessary. It works with both jeans and a LBD.
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  5. I love the hardware and the color. I tend to always gravitate toward black. But you have just put this knot on my radar :heart:
  6. It's really a versatile color, not as formal feeling as black can be. Because the satin has a sheen to it, it can be used like silver too. It does have the Ayers trim on it which some don't care for but it's just enough to give it a bit of edge imho. The larger size with the chain fits quite a bit including my phone which I love!
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  7. In the pix it is stunning, it must be beautiful in person :smile: And i love the edginess/elegance that the Ayers trim adds...that it fits your phone too is awesome! What phone do u have? Gosh i would love it if it could fit my iphone 7plus...
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  8. The chain knot was introduced a couple of years ago, a larger version of the classic knot, with a chain to wear on the shoulder. The chain is also removable so you can use it as a clutch. It easily fits my Samsung phone which measures 6" x 3". I still love the smaller, classic knots in all their amazing variations, but the chain knot is so useful. There are still some new ones out there on BVs site and at Farfetch among other places. I haven't yet seen many pop up on the resale sites.
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  9. I love the chain ....for ease of carrying....was looking on the NM site and saw one....would not fit my cell, but definitely keeping this one on my wish list :smile:
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  11. I believe this is the Knot OP returned :flowers:

    I haven’t weighed in re: your Knot dilemma but if I can be totally honest... I think you should choose another LE knot if that’s what you’re looking for. The Origami is lovely, don’t get me wrong, but it is now ten years old, and the likelihood of finding one in pristine condition is not going to be that easy IMO. Patent just doesn’t seem to age that well, and all of the little folds and nooks & crannies of this specialty Knot make caring for it even more laborious. JMO of course. Have you thought about the other Nero exotic Knot you were looking at?
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  12. It is the same one @V0N1B2 , you're correct!
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  13. Got it!
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  14. Thank you for weighing in, i do really appreciate any insight and advice since i am a novice here....and you are correct this was the knot i returned. I hope i might find one in super condition! But storage is the big issue with patent leather. Sigh. So perhaps you are correct, and as time passes, finding one in excellent condition may not be feasible.

    And yes, i am very eager to find a Nero Galuchat....i almost bought one from the same seller, but it came from the same gal who owned the origami. And i was guided by a lovely gal from TPF @Love Of My Life , and she immediately noticed that the skin in this knot is pulling away in 3 areas from improper storage also, and will never fit properly into the frame again. So i am going to pass on that one. Sigh. But i definitely want to keep looking for a Nero Galuchat , i think its a stunning work of art.

    Meanwhile, with @Love Of My Life ’s help, i bought 2 knots ...i will post both when i receive them. One i mentioned above, and yesterday i bought a beautiful vintage black satin knot with tassel .....i need to breathe for a bit and save up again, but the Galuchat will be one i will hunt for sure! Thank you @V0N1B2 for your thoughts...i think you are on the right track:flowers: and i will have 2 beautiful knots to begin my collection....both elegant, one edgier, the other a true classic....so in the end i am very pleased and happy with both of these knots :smile:even tho neither are the 2 i started this thread over lol
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