A Tale of Two [Eggplant] Cities... and a coin purse

  1. Who knew that Eggplant could fade this much and still look scrumptious? Surprise to me! I recently bought a "fresher" Eggplant City to replace my other one which I'd bought already thoroughly pre-loved one. As soon as I saw the new one the color struck me as very different, cooler, bluer than my other one.

    Ran it home, compared the two side by side, and sure enough. They're quite different. My first one looks not only faded, but it's a warmer, redder purple than the fresher one. My coin purse has the warmth of the more worn in City, but is darker.

    Here they are. I used two different cameras in taking these. Those of you who have something in Eggplant, which of these is closest to yours?




    000aaaa 001.jpg 000aaaa 003.jpg 000aaaa 005.jpg 000aaaa 007.jpg 000aaaa 008.jpg
  2. holy crap!!! WHAT a major difference?!!

    I love the richness of the darker one. Was the other one originally that dark too do you think? Thats major fading!
  3. That's a huge difference!

    I must admit that I had no idea that Bal bags could wear to such an extent in a relatively short length of time.
  4. Good question. I have no idea. I bought the other one exactly in that condition so don't know what it used to look like. Oddly enough, the color on the faded one looks more like the color on the coin purse. And the difference between the two Cities isn't only in the fading, but they actually look like different colors. Like the difference between Rouge Theater and Rouge VIF. You don't expect Rouge Theater to fade to a perfect Rouge VIF. They have different warm/cool values.

    Another odd thing is that the fading in one of them is so UNIFORM. There aren't any highlights and lowlights. Same color everywhere, including the tassles. It's almost like these two came from very different dye lots.
  5. OMG. All I can say is that you are one lucky lady. TWO eggplant cities?!?! I have a slight preference for the newer shade...but they are both gorgeous! :yes:
  6. WOW, that is a major difference. On my monitor it almost looks like a blue bbag!?!
  7. Wow, that's an enormous difference! Maybe the dye back in the day varied like it does now - there were so many different saturations of Inks and Aquas.
  8. What a difference. My 04 city with pewter has leather very similar to your more used eggplant. I bought it very used as well.

    So which one do you prefer? Which one are you keeping? Is there a big difference in how the leather *feels*?
  9. WhoA.... total difference between the 2~! Both look equally lovely :wlae:
  10. Did the faded one come with extra tassels? If so, are they darker - more like the darker bag you got? How about the mirror?
  11. I have several ink cities that are just like that too so I am not so sure it has to do with age or fading as the 06's are newer...I think it has to do with the leather itself to begin with as it was a skin from a living, breathing animal...you can put 5 people together and I guarantee they will have different skin tone, look and texture much like goat skin would have (or cow, lamb, etc) and then with the dyeing process...look when you dye something..you leave it in too long and its darker or different fabric absorbs coloring differently...the same with this...I have 6 inks total and the coloring is all different in some way...
  12. The leather on the beat up one is very similar to the leather on my 04 Anis and 04 Ivory Cities. The unfaded one doesn't seem to have been carried much and the leather feels new. The leathers definitely feel different, with the faded one much more flowy, silky and soft.

    It's hard to say which one I prefer. I didn't plan to have two Eggplant Cities. Now I see they are each lovely in a completely different way. But overall the color of the unfaded one is much more breathtaking and super saturated. I'll keep that one.
  13. Neither came with extra tassles, but good point about the mirrors. I'll post pics of those later today.
  14. Good point. :yes: Very true. I also had 3 Ink bags at one point, and they all looked different.
  15. Whoa!! What a difference. I'm looking forward to seeing the mirror pics. I wonder if the one is just faded or if they were originally different colors to begin with.......interesting.....both are gorgeous.