A Tale of Two Cities...

  1. I guess it's official....I'm addicted to Bbags. :p After purchasing my first bbag, a Giant City last month I began my debate over which bag to get next. While I love the Giant hardware I decided I should really get a RH bag that is a little more versatile. I now introduce my new Anthracity! I supposedly got the last one in Saks nationwide. My problem is that it is missing the extra tassels...my SA went and looked in the back to see if she could find them and said they must not have come with any extras. Any ideas what I should do? I'd really like to have the extras in case mine split and it seems kinda silly to call BalNY and pay for extras when I already spent so much for the bag itself. Can Saks call Bal to get the extras? I'm clueless :sad:

    balenciaga 039.jpg

    balenciaga 038.jpg
  2. Oooh...I love it! You got some LUSCIOUS leather on that Anthra City! Congrats!
  3. They're both gorgeous; your GGH city looks like aqua to me, not bleu glacier.
  4. Beautiful aquamarine GGH city, I love it. The antracity has great leather. I would go ahead and order the extra tassels from Balny before the color is no longer available. Id also see if Saks will give you somekind of credit or discount.
  5. nice thread title nice bags too!!
  6. Thanks everyone!!

    Purplekicks- Yes the one in the pic is an Aqua GH City... I'm looking for a bleu glacier....
  7. Hurray for your AnthraCity! I love it!! Congrats!
  8. Two beautiful Cities. :tup:Congrats.:yahoo:
  9. CONGRATS! love anthracite!
  10. They're both so gorgeous! Congratulations! I think maybe you should try to ask your SA to get them from Balenciaga. It's not fair that since you paid so much for your bag...you shouldn't have to do the legwork to get the tassels that should have come with them! Good luck!
  11. the anthracity is such a gorgeous color.
  12. congrats....love the anthra city.......
  13. Beautiful bags! I have a rh anthracity too! Congrats!

    I agree that you should talk to your SA at Saks and see if they can either do teh legwork for you in getting the tassles or give you some kind of discount since they should have been included in the price you paid.
  14. very nice. congrats!
  15. [​IMG]
    Oh this is gorgeous!!!!