A Tale of Two Cities: 05 Black, 07 Plomb

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  1. Hi all! I just wanted to post a couple pictures showing the differences between the 05 leather and 07 pre F/W leather since many people have been comparing the leathers. Maybe the pics will also serve as reference for comparing how close Black and Plomb really are. I love both of these bags so much, the leather is incredible!

    The Black's leather used to be so palpably wrinkled and thick, but over the years, it's slowly becoming very smooth to the touch. I can hardly discern the wrinkles anymore, and it certainly feels thinner. It's also become very broken down and very floppy. I LOVE the way it is!

    The Plomb's leather is so thick and distressed, but not veiny at all. I'm searching for more bags from this season that are the same, but I'm having a really hard time!

    I hope you enjoy these pictures!
    plomblackbal1.jpg plomblackbal2.jpg plomblackbal3.jpg plomblackbal4.jpg plomblackbal5.jpg
  2. They are both beautiful!!! The leather on both looks so smooshy!!
  3. wow! they both beautiful! looks like the 07 leathers really do come close to the 05 as most have suggested! thanks for the pics!
  4. Love the comparisons. the black is so yummy.... and i love the thick 07 leather. Thank you.
  5. Both of those bags have amazing leather :drool::drool:
  6. From what I have read, 2005 produced two types of leathers: Spring 2005 was smooth and buttery. Fall 2005 was distressed and chewy. Both seasons are gorgeous (just different) !!! Your black looks like a Spring 2005 leather. Can you confirm?

    I love f/w 2007 leather and think it's the closest thing to 2005 leather. I think one of the reasons we covet and rate the 2005 leather so high is because 2006 leather was so disappointing to some...but it seems like Balenciaga is "taking" back the leather with 2005 efforts!
  7. Wow! I really love the look of the leather on your o7 Plomb!
  8. Thanks for the comparison pics, couture! Not owning any '05 bags (YET!) it's through pics such as yours that I'm able to see such differences in leathers between seasons...
  9. Both bags are totally gorgeous! You're not helping my effort to resist Plomb :push: - yours is absolutely stunning, and quite different from black!

    I wonder if there are any super-smooth Plomb bags out there - more like S/S 05 than F/W 05 (btw, lordguinny, your observation seems spot-on)
  10. Love your bag!
    Plomb City seems to be very consistent - I fondled one at NM and it looked exactly like yours. The leather had a very soft hand, if that makes sense. Gorgeous!!!
  11. [​IMG]





    Thanks for the comparison pics! Love both bags.....i have a 05 black city too....the leather is TDF like yours

    The plomb city is gorgeous too and leather is so distressed and thick which i like it too:heart:


    Enjoy :heart:her with gd health!
  12. Thanks for the pictures. I am still fairly new to tPF and I hear about how wonderful 05 leather is. And your picture clearly captures that.
  13. WoW... both leathers are awesome... they should bring back the 05 leathers again.. :yes: Thanks for sharing~!
  14. [​IMG]
    Hang on to your most scrumptious black city! OOOOOOOH IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!! The plomb is wonderful too! How do you ever decide which one to wear???
  15. Both of those have great looking leather! I love seeing the contrast of the black and plomb.