A Tale of Two Bal's (or My New Black City!!!)

  1. First things first: thank you all for your advice, opinions, and support on my semi-neurotic search for my first Balenciaga :heart:

    So I lost out on a wonderful 05 but had a few leads on 06 and 07 bags.

    I got a very dry one from Nordies (the SA was so sweet in insisting I take the bag home and that I feel free to return it should I not love it) :sad:


    But then NM found one for me in Florida! :yahoo:


    It is smooshy and soft and silky and thoroughly color saturated and in short WONDERMOUS!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Here are some pics of my lovel lovely 07 black city:


  3. Now that bag from NM is gorgeous! The leather is perfect! Congratulations!
  4. The first one felt almost crispy-crackly.

    But this one is so sumptuous to the touch. I pulled it out of the box and was instantly bonded with it :tender:

  5. Which Florida store did you get it from. I just ordered a black 07 city from boca raton.
  6. My local SA ordered it for me, but I believe it came from Bal Harbour.

  7. ^^ holy crappers, that bag is gorgey :wtf:
  8. Here are some more comparo pics:


  9. awwww Hmwe, i'm sooo happy you found the perfect bbag city :tender:

    Does that mean you won't be in the chloe forum anymore? :p :amazed:
  10. Thank you thank you!! I am sooo in love :heart::heart::heart:

  11. DOH!! I am die-hard Chloe addict but this Bal could make a Believer!! :graucho:

  12. Congrats!! I LOVE my black city (and yours)!!!!!!!
  13. congrats!
  14. Congrats, D! Your new bag is TDF!!! :yahoo:
  15. OMG!!!

    Gals you are NOT going to believe this!!!


    Zfall/winter '05 2005 3