A Tale of Three Cities

  1. Once upon a time in the land of balenciaga, there was a girl who upon seeing the City fell in love. And she didn't fall in love with any city, but the bordeaux city. How was she to find one? But through a lovely tpf-er, of course! And so she had her first bbag - an 05 Bordeaux city!

    A little while later this little lady decided that she wanted another jewel tone and fell (again) in love with a beautiful color called ink. Once again, from a wonderful fellow pf-er, she was able to get her second bbag - an 06 Ink city!

    A short time following the purchase of the ink (but not that short), she decided to meet up with some fellow bbag lovers. And low and behold - she saw the most beautiful brown ever! Mogano, who would've thought? After a particularly bad week at work, she decided to do something nice for herself... and soon an 07 Mogano city was delivered to her door!

    So here is my humble collection. I'm amazingly content and happy for now with what I have - and I look forward to saving up and buying the next bag (most likely a day) in one of winter's gorgeous shades. Thanks for letting me share!
    IMG_1943.JPG IMG_1942.JPG IMG_1941.JPG IMG_1945.JPG IMG_1947.JPG
  2. Wonderful story & even more wonderful bags! That is a fantastic collection of colors! :drool: :drool: Congrats & thanks for sharing the story/pics with us!
  3. great story and i love all your cities! gorgeous colors!
  4. Cute story :p

    Beautiful cities!! The leather on your Ink looks so smooth and yummy... :love: Wish I didn't get into Balenciaga just recently -- I missed all the amazing colors (RT, anthracite, ink, blueberry)
  5. ^^I have 3 city bags too - so I totally understand!
  6. Gorgeous city bags!!! Sooo beautiful!!!!!
  7. thanks all :smile:
  8. Beautiful leather, congrats on your new cities!!! :tup:
  9. Love all your cities, especially the bordeaux - one of my faves! So creative on the thread title. :smile:
  10. I absolutely love each and every one of them.
    What a beautiful collection!!! :tup:
  11. A magnificent collection of cities! :tup: It's my fav style as well, and I love all the colors you have! :heart:
  12. Beautiful cities! Those are 3 of my favorite colors :love:. I love the charms too, are they juicy couture?
  13. I love your thread title, dusty paws! And all three of your cities are gorgeous - I keep looking at your pictures to pick a favorite, but I love them all!
  14. Just think of all the cities she has not seen yet.....ones that are just waiting to be discovered.
  15. Love your story! You have three great bags ... congrats!