a tale of juliettes ...

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  1. Just a few pictures of my new Crimson Juliette, and also comparison pics of the metallic Juliette with my gunmetal baby sage ... Thanks for looking!

    I went in last weekend to get the metallic Juliette that I had fallen in love with a few weeks before ... but couldn't take my eyes off of this gorgeous wine colored patent. I ended up getting both because I had the PCE and couldn't decide! I love the Juliette, it's a perfect size satchel for me and I've carried it all week, which is rare for me!

    The color is difficult to capture, a very dark crimson. The top set of pictures were taken with my dslr outdoors and the color came out a very bright cranberry ... so I color-corrected it in photoshop as much as possible. The second picture is from my iphone on a cloudy morning a few days ago, actually fairly accurate color-wise!



    This poor baby still has her factory stuffing since the Crimson got all of the attention this week ... but I thought the comparison pictures with the gunmetal might help someone. She's a kind of muted bronze, not bright gold, but definitely far from the silver of the gunmetal!
  2. Gorgeous bags! Twins on the bronze. I love the crimson patent, I want the Lindsey!
  3. Love both of them, especially that gorgeous crimson one! Congrats!
  4. Beautiful Juliettes!! So where is Romeo (just kidding):smile:? Enjoy your beautiful bags!!!:balloon:
  5. Very pretty the Juliette is starting to grow on me. I think I will carry my Magenta today
  6. Those are lovely.......I love the style of the Juliette! Hope they do this one in lots of colors!
  7. I really love the Juliette, but that crease reminds me of something, and you know how once you see something you can't un-see it?
  8. I went in to get the bronze and walked out with the magenta! twins on the patent crimson. I've carried the magenta all week and received lots of compliments. I LOVE the way the juliette can be carried with the long strap on the shoulder.
  9. Both bags are stunning! Congrats and enjoy your juliettes!
  10. I can't keep my eyes off that crimson juliette either, stunning! Enjoy your new bags
  11. Beautiful shinies! Enjoy both of them.Can't wait to see what other colors textures Juliette will come out in.
  12. Both Juliettes are lovely! Congrats!
  13. Those are stunning!! Love them, thanks for sharing your new beauties!! :biggrin:
  14. Lol!!! I think it reminds me if the exact same thing! Bahahahaha, I'll keep my mouth shut :biggrin:
  15. Ohhhhh my gosh I am seriously drooling over that WINE PATENT! Of course they are both gorgeous and I want to come live in your closet (don't worry - I'm quiet and pick up after myself). Amazing and beautiful, thank you for all the pics!:woohoo: