A Tale of a Zipper (My Damier Speedy)

  1. :yes: Hi
    A few days back on a rainy day, I decided to use my Damier Speedy. So naturally I forgot where I last put my mini umbrella and grabbed a larger one, which, it turned out, was needed. Well, while on the subway I put it my bag (after it was dry) so that the handle was sticking out, but zipped shut. I wanted to make sure I didn't get it caught and to my horror, one of the folds of the umbella was stuck in the zipper. I was to point where most of it was out but needed scissor to cut it. Another passenger saw me and walked over and began to work on the zipper! (This is NYC and I know you people hate this but I actually had hooked on my shoulder strap.. so it was secure, )he couldn't, do it, so he asked a workman for a knife. The guy produced one! and he cut the remainder of the umbrella out. The zipper didn't break, strain, etc. It's fine! That's one of the reasons I buy LV--the quality. Any other bag, I would have been taking to the repair shop. The guy didn't know what kind of purse it was, most people don't recognize the checkerboard, but wow. If it had broken, I would have gone immediately to LV 5th Ave, to take in for repair.) Anyway, I thought I would share.:yes:
  2. Wow what a story! Nice guy to help you out, it seems like that is rare these days.
  3. What an adventure, but I'm glad the bag is ok. :P
  4. :flowers: Thank you for posting this!

    I :heart: it when bags make it through tough times. :yes:
  5. Wow! What a nice guy!!! In NY... I wouldve been a bit worried.
  6. Excellent!!
  7. thats why i love my ny everone is willing to give in a hand especially now more than ever