A tale of a fateful trip....a Stinkerbelle trip!

  1. This is all JM's fault! And after everything I did for her....donning tights, living in a cave....hanging out with Robin who clearly drank too much (if you don't read the eBay forum, forget that part)!

    So. I see that JM has a thread up asking us to name our 5 favorite bags. And I was going to do that, but I could not in good conscience. Because I would have to leave out my number 3 favorite bag. And so I now come clean.....yes.....I DO own a Nude Ring bag!! OMG! :wtf: So shoot me! Have you never made a mistake? Gotten a bad bag and then gotten the same bag later that was TONS better? Better color, etc.?? :shrugs:

    Long story short....got the Nude Ring, had major PMS, plus it was defintitely not up to the standards of my black and burgundy Rings. It had a spot on it, the back looked dirty and I didn't like that it was more structured than my black and burgundy bags. So I sent it back to NAP and that was that. :huh:

    But someone here posted a few times that they had the Nude Ring and LOVED it, that it broke in beautifully, yadda, yadda, yadda. I never forgot those words....they haunt me still. :death: (That was totally for dramatic effect by the way).

    Anyway! So I found a Nude Ring for a bit less than I originally paid from NAP and she's perfect! Well, for me. This new bag (well, newER since I've had her for weeks now) is a shade or two lighter than the one I got from NAP and it's not "dirty" looking! It's just a great shade of tan that will be perfect for me for Summer!

    So there! OK, I've come clean! Maybe I was a bit, you know....not so forthcoming with my Choo girls, but we've all made that mistake haven't we?? Luuucy???? Because there SERIOUSLY had better be a reason I have had that freaking Patty Duke "cousins" song stuck in my head for the past few days! :busted

    OK, that's all. And now it is too late for me to post my Top 5....that will have to wait until tomorrow! ;)
  2. Haha! I read the title and thought you must have also taken a trip somewhere exotic in order to grab a Choo! I think we all understand the desperation of finding that one perfect Choo! Congrats. I forgive you!
  3. No....nothing exotic, just wanted everyone to think they were stuck on a desert island as they were reading my post because it was....you know....really, really, long! And somewhere in the middle of it I'm sure many a reader was attempting to make a radio out of coconuts to be rescued from having to read it all the way through! :lol:
  4. Well, congratulations on your Ring trio!!! Are you going to post a family Ring-Around-the-Rosy pic???

    Now how am I going to get that damn Gilligan's Island song out of my head??? LOL
  5. too funny stinker:lol:...i totally relate....

    confession time?:shame:....i am returning the utah lp plum wallet i just posted pics of the other day:push:....too heavy, too large, too not me. i am getting something else in its place though, the vamp usher.:love: it will suit me better.
    not the exact same thing, but we all make mistakes and then reconsider or have remorse....the important thing is you are happy now! :flowers:
    enjoy your ring and whenever you take that course on pic posting, i'd love to see it!:heart: (a nude riki was on my " potential future purchase" list, but when all you ladies seemed to be disappointed with the nude ring, i was hesitant.:sweatdrop: now, i will reconsider it!:tup:
  6. UNBELIEVABLE!!!.....

    Ok, I take that back, it's completely believable. What's unbelievable is that you've held out this long! :yahoo:

    And Mick, you're going to break up the family! :sweatdrop: What is vamp like?
  7. ^I KNOW! And I feel so bad about not telling you all! But I feel even worse that I went on and on and on about how much I did NOT like the Nude Ring! :blush:

    But in my defense, the bag I received from Nap was a bit dirty and I do believe it was darker than my new one. The Nude is still not my favorite of the 3 I have mostly because I do prefer darker bags. But I really wanted something lighter for Summer, nothing else caught my eye either from JC or anyone else in a lighter color, and I do love the Ring! :love:

    But while I changed my opinion of the bag and decided to give it another shot, I'm sure Jburgh and Samantha have no regrets about sending theirs back and would agree they still don't care for it. :nogood:

    Mick! I love your wallet! But I do agree, it is large, more like a clutch. I agree too that if it's not your cup of tea, then by all means return it and get a wallet that will work for you! :heart:

    So...anyone else have anything they want to confess? Or is it just Mick and I spilling our secrets? :popcorn:
  9. Well, there was this one time that I..........
    On second thought, that story isn't appropriate for a public forum. :graucho:
  10. Vamp sounds gorgeous! I can't wait to see it :girlsigh:
  11. I'm so glad someone got a nude Ring they love. I saw it IRL at Foot Candy and raved about it, then you all got it and didn't like it! Oops...
    The one I saw was gorgeous. I was really tempted because as you say Stinkerbelle, the new stuff just doesn't do it for me.
    Soooo...Lucky girl, where are the pics??
  12. I am so happy you were able to get your Nude Ring Stinker:queen:

    I was not sure what I was going to find in this thread, but I knew it would be entertaining :popcorn:

    I know it is difficult to get something you are wanting so desperately and when it arrives, you don't always "feel the love" right off. I know I get kind of "anal" in the sense I want to box it up and take it back right away, but I have found you really need to give it a few days before you rush to box up :s

    I now let the bag hang in my kitchen (we have these long handles on the cupboards that work great and keep the kitties away from the bags) so I can look at it for awhile. I also will put it on and walk into the bathroom every so often to look at it on :hrmm:

    So Stinker, I am glad you were able to give it another shot and I am really happy you love your Ring this time around :yahoo:

    I also agree with Jmcadon...WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO POST PHOTOS :bagslap:
  13. Pics, pics, pics pleeease!
  14. I will figure out how to post photos this weekend, I promise! Because by now you guys are probably starting to think I'm making this stuff up! :p

    Robyn, you're right of course. I took out my frustrations on the less than perfect bag I first received on the nude Ring all together. The bag I got from NAP was definitely not a keeper, but the color, and especially the color of the watersnake trim, are really nice! While the nude is not my favorite of the 3 Rings I have, the watersnake trim is! Does that make sense? On the black Ring it really doesn't stand out much at all. Even on the burgundy Ring, as pretty as it is, it seems to be a bit more contrasting on the nude so it stands out more. :yes:

    Probably the single biggest thing I LOVE about the Ring is the way it breaks in.....the leather is just absolutely amazing! So for you girls who have the Ring, take her out a LOT and you will only fall even more in love with her over time! :love:
  15. Would love to see pics of the nude ring. I bet it's gorgeous. I have total buyers remorse over my bottle green ramona. But rather pathetically I think if I take it back then I will wish I had kept it. Have you ever heard something so stupid!!!