a tale of 2 purples--07' Violet & 04' Lilac

  1. my HG of bbags had been the 04' lilac first which i finally got my hands on after searching long and hard. i pampered it and loved it and used it every chance i got. i even said to myself and others that i would never NEVER let it go....

    well, you know what they say....never say 'never'!

    so i sold it through *bay not too long ago--don't ask me why--there wasn't really a thought process involved--i just sort of....did it...and got myself a brand new violet first--i didn't like the violet when it first came out--thought it was too 'blue' for my taste, but it grew on me, slowly but surely, and one day, i woke up, and realized that i NEEDED a violet first--and as fortunate smiled upon me, i actually managed to snatch the last violet first in the company!
    Violet_first0.jpg Lilac_first10.jpg
  2. congrats!!! I LOVE IT! violet is such a classy color..
  3. Awww yay! I'm glad you got something you wanted! The violet is a beautiful color!
  4. lOVELY!! congrats! :yes:
  5. I LOVE THAT COLOR!!!!!! I want a violet first now..... :sad:
  6. The violet is sooo pretty in a first! Congrats!
  7. :drool::drool::drool: I adore your violet!!!
  8. Congrats ... the Violet is soooo pretty!!
  9. yay!! congratulations!! It's really lovely!! I wonder if there'll ever be a day when I'd let go of my HG? Perish the thought!!
  10. I am happy you got your Violet. :woohoo:Congrats.:yahoo:
  11. CONGRATS!!! Gorgeous colour!
  12. congrats
  13. I love all purple colors & shades. Congrats on your violet first.