A table full of Chloe's at Franklin Mills NMLC

  1. I was in Franklin Mills (PA) tonight and while I was checking out the Marc Jacobs bag I saw a table full of Chloe's to my right. I have never seen Chloe bags at this Neiman Marcus Last Call before so I was surprised. I'm not really familiar with the different styles so I'm sorry I'm not much help. I know there definately were no Silverado's or Paddington's. I think they mostly had Edith's and Betty's because most of the bags were satchels. The prices ranged between $800 and $900 I believe.

    I know some of the NMLC's ship and I'm sure if you call them they could help you out. I just figured I would post that they had them since this was a first.
  2. Thanks:tup:
  3. Oooh, that's in my neck of the woods!!! I'm going to have to make the ride over there!!!! THANKS BUNCHES!!!!:yahoo: