A swing and a miss...

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  1. #1 May 31, 2016
    Last edited: May 31, 2016
    My lambskin red jumbo flap finally arrived today. I love the bag - I've never even tried on the jumbo and I feel like the size is great on me. And the lambskin is sooooo luxurious!

    But, I am stressed. I don't think it's the red I wanted. Upon opening the box, my first thought was that it looked fuchsia. While it's a gorgeous color on its own (I love fuchsia), I really was looking forward to a classic red Chanel. And every time I look at it, I see pink.

    Here's a bunch of pics. What frustrates me is in these pics, most of the time it comes out the exact color I wanted, lol!

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  2. Interior natural afternoon light...

  3. I took it outside to see how it behaved. This is warm afternoon light and I love the color in the pic but it doesn't look that way in person.

  4. I do see pink in your second photo. If your first inclination is pink, I'd return.
  5. Also put it next to what is probably my truest red, in the same light where the bag looks the most pink to me.

  6. In my bedroom I guess we have crazy warm light because it looks perfect both in person and in pics.


  7. #7 May 31, 2016
    Last edited: May 31, 2016
    It's really pretty but you're not happy then you should return it. Why keep something that you're not truly love plus it costs a lot of money. Wait for your perfect red it'll comes around.
  8. Understand what you mean...under the correct lighting it looks so good though i think it pairs really well w light ghw.. I hav this in the cardholder version. It seems like chanel didnt make red w ghw much? Shw doesnt seem so classy. Perhaps sit on it for awhile before deciding? U have 14 days right?
  9. Sorry to hear that it's not exactly what you had hoped for. Pics are always tricky. I love that it's somewhat fuschia- and was considering it, but am on the fence as all the pics in different lighting look way different! Surely a perfect classic red will come along for you :smile:

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  10. Yeah I know I need to be patient. I feel like there's a red almost every season so it shouldn't take too long but ugghhh this is pretty close and I find most of their reds too orange.

  11. I know... I keep staring at it longingly across the room. Right now it looks perfect. I do think I'm going to sit on it for a few days at least.

  12. Yeah don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous bright color. If you love that it's somewhat fuchsia then you should get it!
  13. Was this the 16C? It was definitely more raspberry. I hope you find your perfect red. :smile:
  14. My first thought was "80s lipstick red". I think you want a dark, "burnt" red. I personally want one myself and I'm very particular with the right shade of red. Good luck!
  15. It is so hard to be sure about color through pics since they make so many different shades of red! The bag is gorgeous (i've seen some red with ghw and was always partial to silver but your pic is definitely making me think twice!), and it looks amazing on you! However, if it's not the right shade of red I would return and wait to find the perfect shade. Give it a few days, the color might grow on you? Good luck, I do hope you end up with a purse that will make your heart singggg! Please keep us posted!