A sweet score from Spain!

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  1. I just got back from two glorious weeks in Spain! (I made my own hashtag on IG :lol: if you'd like to see some photos! https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/likewantneedespaña/ and there are some photos on my blog)It was my first time there, and we saw a lot of the country: Madrid, San Sebastián, Pamplona, Zaragoza, and Barcelona. Aside from eating too much tapas and drinking too many gin & tonics (a surprisingly popular drink there!), I also went to LV in Barcelona on Passeig de Gracia, where I picked up a little something I previously had sworn I'd never get: a bag in classic monogram! For whatever reason, it took me over a year from my first LV purchase to warm up to mono, I just never really loved the pattern or the colors. I'm happy to say that's changed! Who's around for a quickie reveal??

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  2. Me me!
  3. yes please, waiting :smile:
  4. Here!
  5. You wouldn't happen to be from Philly, would you?? Or is there another city that refers to their downtown as "Center City"??
  6. Me!
  7. I am:smile: hi neighbor!
  8. Here. We are going to Spain next month for two weeks. Can't wait! Love G&Ts
  9. Here she is! Introducing my third (!! I'm officially obsessed) Neverfull MM, and like my DE NF she is MIF! I actually requested a Made in Spain bag, so I would always have a sweet souvenir/reminder of our trip, and the lovely SA, Anna, got one for me specifically from the back. I didn't get to inspect it before she wrapped it up, but when I got back to our hotel I found a black smudge on the handle and stitching. :nogood: I returned it the next day and they only had MIF bags. I guess I can live with that :lol:

    If anyone needs a recommendation for an SA in Barcelona, I can send you Anna's contact information. She emailed me after I left to thank me for shopping with her, which I thought was very thoughtful! She also handled all of the VAT paperwork, and having only dealt with the VAT refund in France previously, where I'd wait 4-5 WEEKS for a refund, the process in Spain was AMAZING. I got my refund in exactly 5 business days! I can explain all the details if anyone would like them!

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  10. :wave: Hi! I'm a born & raised lifer, haha. I guess you shop at KOP?

  11. Great bag and what a wonderful souvenir!
  12. Congrats & enjoy~!!!!

  13. I'm actually going next month so I would love her contact info. How were the prices and stock there? Thanks missy
  14. You'll have a great time! Barcelona is a gorgeous city, and the whole country was actually amazing. Friendly people, gorgeous weather, cheap food & drinks! I'll DM you Anna's name & email. She was a gem, and spoke fluent English. Stock seemed great, they even had the new bird line out on display, and I was there the first few days of May. Everyone was just so nice! Have a blast!
  15. Yes! I'm actually heading up there Saturday morning- I have (my third and first DA) Neverfull in RB on hold,so I'm going to trek up there and back in time for the Rittenhouse festival and more importantly before 76 becomes a parking lot! Dreading it already!

    Love love your bag- what a great souvenir from your trip! My DH and I agreed we could live in Spain- everyone is Sooo incredibly nice- not to mention it's beautiful! Welcome back:smile:
    Oh and my SA left to go to a store in Toronto- can you recommend a good one? They are all nice but I don't know anyone else there! TIA!