A sweet dilemma - Chanel Cerf Tote or LV Passy GM

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  1. Dear ladies,

    Please give me your opinions. I need a couple of new work bags - one in beige/off-white and one in black. I have narrowed the choice down to Chanel Cerf Tote and LV Passy GM, and now I cannot decide. One day I prefer the Chanel, the other the LV. Maybe the best way would be to take Chanel in one colour, and LV in the other, but I can't decide on that either :hysteric:

    I need a bag which will hold my laptop and a couple of folders, which I believe both can, so I'm really indecisive...

    Here are some pics for easier visualisation:

    Louis Vuitton Passy GM beige.jpg Chanel Cerf Tote beige.jpg

    Louis Vuitton Passy GM black.jpg Chanel Cerf Tote black.jpg
  2. If both: Cerf in off-white and Passy in black. If one, skip LV, and go for the executive. I think it probably would fit a laptop and documents better as well, after all I'd like to think that was the intent of the bags design. Good luck!
  3. passy.
  4. Lv
  5. LV Passy in cream. The shape gives it a bit of interest and it doesn't look like a 'traditional' laptop/work bag.
  6. Chanel all the way.
  7. Chanel in black.
  8. Passy
  9. Chanel!
  10. In this case the LV looks more professional and is more under the radar.
  11. chanel
  12. I prefer the Chanel. I like the way the Chanel feels over the feel of the LV.
  13. 6:5 for Chanel so far :biggrin: See how difficult my choice is, ladies!

  14. I like the second white bag. I'ts elegant and classy but still convenient since you can put in all your necessities. I think this is big enough to put your laptop in it, right? It's a great one! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  15. I don't usually like Chanel, but I think this Chanel wins over the LV hands down. I like it better in white, but it'll be more practical in black.

    Good luck on your decision.