A Sweet Birthday Surprise!!!

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  1. My husband thought this would hold me over until the real thing comes...

    A wonderful and delicious birthday treat!!!

    Thanks for letting me share!!!

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  2. Nice cake! Happy Birthday!!:balloon:
  3. LOL!!! I love the thought he put behind the cake! So creative, funny AND perfect! Happy Birthday!
  4. Thanks Ladies!!!!

    It's been a good one so far!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday!!
  6. Great cake!! Hopefully a real one is coming soon. haha... :graucho::graucho: Happy Birthday!
  7. Happy Birthday! What an awesome cake! Your DH is so sweet. Hope the cake tasted as decadent as it looked. :biggrin:
  8. It was delicious... I was so hesitant to dissect it, but my 17 month old son wanted cake, so the pictures of an intact bag will have to do!!!!
  9. Very nice birthday cake!! Happy Birthday~
  10. Lovely Indication of what is to come! Happy Birthday!!!
  11. Happy Birthday dear! The real thing will come soon!
  12. What a darling cake! Happy Birthday!
  13. Happy Birthday! Which one is sweeter? Your hubby or the cake? 😝
  14. How sweet!!! Happy Birthday!! :P
  15. That is simply adorable...how thoughtful of your hubby to get you a Birkin cake! :smile: