A surprising and happy end to my bad week!

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  1. WELLLLLLLL......

    It looks like some of the girls around here have been busy!
    I heard a Fed Ex truck drive away this morning (I think we are all in tune to what a Fed Ex truck sounds like, LOL) and opened my door to find 2 packages from Coach.

    I didn't order anything?!?!:confused1:

    So, I ripped those boxes open and....

    ....gift cards!


    To help go towards my new Carly!

    I am in absolute shock, surprise and awe and have cried just about every tear when I read the thread about my bag!

    There is hope!:yes:

    I would like to thank:

    kallison, kkkkate, spoiledrotten22, LIblue, tejasmama, mariadele, hautemama, katrynar, kidlearner, bethann, razorbackbelle0 and fashion_guru86

    for their exceptionally kind and generous donation to help a fellow TPF sister out in a time of hardship and sadness!

    Also, to everyone who sent their well wishes and love.
    That really made me realize what a great group this is and if anyone ever needed help, people ARE there to help!

    I'll let you know when my new bag gets here!

    Much love to you all!:heart:
  2. That is so exciting ! I hope you get your bag soon !
  3. :yahoo: I love happy surprises!
  4. Woohoo - can't wait to see the replacement!
  5. That's great. Can't wait to hear about your replacement.
  6. Thank you!:yes:

    I can't wait to see the replacement either!:wtf:

  7. The ladies on here are wonderful!:girlsigh:
    Im so happy that you will be able to get your Carly back! Can't wait to see pics!
  8. Yayyy!!! i m so touched by the acts of kindness by the members of this board :'(
  9. That is just awesome! Congrats!!!
  10. Sweet!! What an awesome group of ladies!
  11. aww, you guys are so sweet! I love this forum
  12. aww, you guys are so sweet! I love this forum..
  13. Yay! I am so happy for you!
  14. I am so happy that YOU'RE so happy! :yahoo:
  15. That's awesome!! Kindness is soooooo sweet.
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