A surprise return to mulberry - an instant reveal

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  1. It's been a while since I've added any new mulberry into my collection, and before this most recent purchase only my Alexa remained. But when this bag popped up for an amazing deal I knew I had to have it, and after years of trying to get my paws on this bag it's finally mine!

    Here she is my bayswater cookie :smile:

  2. She's lovely JP. Looks new? Love you laudree charm too, suits this bag

  3. Thank you! I purchased her from fashionphile it's somewhat new, most of the hardware still had plastic coverings but the leather is a bit wrinkly. There's a deep wrinkle on the bottom corner that kinda bugs me but you don't see it when carried so I let it go
  4. Congrats! I just love the cookie range! :heart: I have a cookie SBS. The soft matte leather is prone to wrinkles but it's still beautiful imo and quite hard-wearing too. :smile:

  5. Oooooo once upon a time I had the beige sbs cookie too it was super lovely but it didn't work out! I've since had my eye out for the oak. Enjoy your lovely bag as well
  6. YAY YOU jp23!! Fantastic....i've always loved the cookie bays!! She is freakin GORGEOUS!! All the best carrying her...expect tons of compliments! :ps:
  7. Finally downloaded, what a fab rich deep colour

    Re the wrinkle, pad her out well in that corner and I am sure it will make a diff, I only
    Noticed it because you called it out
  8. Ooo lush JP. Love her!

  9. Thank you kendie! She feels very right for the weather hopefully I can bust out the Alexa again soon too :smile:

  10. Thank you!!!
    I have a liner in it at the moment and i actually had to iron out the top flap and that helped A LOT! but the corner I didn't really do as hard because I thought maybe with use it will come out. I also did a good gel session and that made a big difference too. It seems like though the bag is new but the way it was stored wasn't so good. But I figured it would probably happen eventually lol!

  11. Thank you ️️️
  12. Beautiful!! Love the cookie range.
  13. Cookie is lovely!! Congratulations.
  14. Love it! Congrats

  15. I think I read that somewhere else about ironing, no way am I that brave

    My SBS flap went a bit funny and sunk in a bit, so I packed her out, left a small can of collonil under the flap and a week or two later she was a perfect shape again