A surprise Kelly reveal!

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  1. This one has a bit of a story but I will try to make it brief.

    When I first started getting into Hermès bags, I never thought I would want either a Birkin or a Kelly. I have a pretty casual wardrobe and lifestyle and I'm definitely not ladylike :lol: so I just didn't think I could pull off either style. After a few TPF H meetups and some thorough research on reveal and modeling threads, I realized maybe I could make a Kelly work for me! But I never thought it would happen so soon, especially not with this unique and perfect-for-me bag.

    I got a call from my SA yesterday with a unique find and rushed right over to get it! Pics coming up!
  2. image.jpeg Here she is... K32 Retourne in Fusain (charcoal) Sombrero / Plomb Clemence / Blue Sapphire Epsom with PHW. It was love at first sight!!!
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  3. Congrats! Absolutely stunning!!
  4. Very lovely, congrats! [emoji7]
  5. Wow, so gorgeous!! Congratulations and enjoy your unique find!
  6. bedhead Congrats to this special Kelly !! What a nice combo in Sombrero. Is that an SO that someone declined ? or is it a new Kelly combo for Fall ?
  7. What about the side panels ? are they in blue sapphire epsom as well ? You mentioned Plomb Clemence but I can only see the Sombrero. Where would Clemence be located ?
  8. image.jpeg

    The sides and bottom are plomb Clemence.
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  9. According to my SA it is not a declined SO (it doesn't have a horseshoe stamp). She said that when each store gets its allocation of SOs the store director will sometimes hold a few back and create unique combinations like this.

    As soon as she saw the color combo on the box she knew it would be perfect for me- my wardrobe is mostly black, dark gray, and dark and/or saturated blues. I couldn't have picked a better color combination myself!
  10. Wow! This is a very special bag. I love how it suits your style exactly. H fate!
  11. What a Kelly!! So unique! Enjoy this treasure.
  12. This is so meant to be yours, sweetie! What a special Kelly! Huge congrats and enjoy! ❤️
  13. Stunning Kelly! Congrats and enjoy!
  14. Wow, really unique and unusual. I personally love Sombrero-I think it's matte quality is super cool and modern.
    This will look great with your blue C'est la Fete you got, right?

  15. It's so pretty! Lucky you
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