A Surprise From My Hubby...

  1. My husband came home late tonight, and I'm wondering why. He was suppose to run a few errands and then come home. Well, I called him and he told me that he's running a late because he needed to pick up something first, and then finish his errands before he can come home. I was a little confused, but didn't really think much about it. Well, he just came home and in his hands is a Louis Vuitton shopping bag.:amazed: My jaw drops. He bought me a black Le Fab!!! I'm in love. I told him a few days ago that I saw a black Le Fab that would go perfectly with my new black Inclusion bracelet :graucho: , but didn't really think that he would go and buy it. I love him for remembering!

    I'm sorry for the crappy pictures.

  2. WOW, congrats!! Im sure you didnt give him a very hard time for coming home late for dinner!!!
  3. Lucky girl. It is beautiful!
  4. OMG :nuts: What a wonderful husband. Your Le Fab is beautiful :love:
  5. It's gorgeous!! Major congrats!!!:love:
  6. Thanks ladies! I'm still in shock because I never expected anything. Plus, I just pointed it to him when we were in the store and didn't even tell him the name of the bag. I can't believe he actually took me seriously and bought it for me. This is one of the sweetest things that he's done for me. :shame:
  7. Awww! SO sweet!! Lucky girl congrats!
  8. Awww...what a sweet hubby you have. Congrats on the gorgeous new bag.
  9. Your hubbie is a keeper!!! The bag is beautiful!!
  10. :love: :love: Congrats! It's gorgoeus and you're soooo lucky:yes: :biggrin:
  11. I'm so glad my phh is now a plh (purse loving hubby). :lol: I can't wait to heatstamp the clochette when I get the chance. Then it will complete the bag.
  12. What a sweet hubby you have... btw, does he have a brother?:P
  13. :lol: Nope, but he does have a sister.
  14. How sweet! Congrats!!
  15. awww thats so sweet! Congrats on the bag!!