A surprise from my DH!!! (and a ?)

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  1. hi everyone. I don't know if anyone will remember me - i used to post a bunch in the spring, but got too busy so I haven't been on in a while.

    anyway....my DH blew me away on Friday night by surprising me with a TDF marron make-up clutch. :yahoo:

    he rarely ever gets me surprise gifts, but i have to say, the few times he has surprised me he has done well! he knew that i wanted a small 'going out' sort of bag, and he also knew i wanted black. what i was really jonesing for was a shoulder, but DH does not know style names. he asked the SA at Selfridges about one 'this size' (referring to makeup) with a handle sort of thing and she told him there was no such thing. i haven't used the bag yet (such self control!) b/c if I can find a shoulder I will return. I am also back and forth on whether I'd rather have black. they didn't have black at Selfridges. i am not a brown person, but the leather on this bag is TDF!!!! :love:

    anyway, popped into Harvey Nics yesterday and the SA there told me they haven't gotten any shoulders in since Spring '06 and she wasn't sure if they'd get any in with the new Spring '07 stuff. What is the deal with the shoulder? has it been discontinued? why is it so hard to find? any ideas for me for where else to look? has anyone seen a shoulder recently?
  2. I think I might know where you can get one but it is in the U.S. Is that ok? I don't know if they ship internationally. Would you like me to call and ask them if they have it and if they will ship internationally?
  3. Don't know about the shoulder...

    But congrats on the clutch! I have a Marron First, and the color is just stunning. Very sophisticated. I'm personally on a black ban right now, so I look at every color but. And the Marron is a great black substitute.
  4. congrats!!! i love the clutch :wlae:
  5. congrats I just got the makeup in blue india and i love it!!! I used to want the shoulder, but for the extra 200 just for a strap I couldn't justify and I absoluetly adore the makeup! Goodluck on your search!
  6. wow what a DH....congrats!! :smile:
  7. Thanks ladies!

    Believe me, this is not the norm for my DH - I was really shocked!

    Allisonfaye - you are so sweet to offer to call. I am actually American and go back to the states a couple of times a year (will be back in a few days in fact) so someplace on in the US would be ok. I'm going to be near Barneys Manhasset, Saks in the Roosevelt Field Mall and Neimans in Denver over the next two weeks. I plan on checking all of those places!

    I have not bought a black bag in over 5 years so this would be the first black I've had in a while. I never thought I would like brown, but gosh this marron colour really is beautiful. Do you think it would look strange to carry it when wearing a lot of black & no brown?

  8. I think black and brown look great together...colorcodex has become inexistant, I even wear ink with black...But brown and black has really become classic chic!:yes:
  9. It does seem like the shoulder has been discontinued (or at least only produced on a very limited basis). I remember an SA (maybe XOChrissie from NMSF?) saying that the only shoulders she had received recently were the limited edition "hairy" ones.
  10. how do i make a new thread
  11. Oooh!! Too sweet! Congrats on ya new Marron clutch! :smile:
  12. awww that's really sweet of DH congrats on your new clutch!
  13. thanks ladies! :smile:
  14. O stars can I borow your Hubby?
    I really love present.
    I think luisviaroma had a schoulderbag in the sales i will take a look for U.

    They had a pink sattin one and a pine green one for only 333 euro.
    But i think U are desperate looking for a black, but i think the green one is very nice:love:

    Good luck in the USA
  15. stars just to let you know ahead of time, saks isn't in roosevelt field, its in the walt whitman mall which is about 15 mins east of roosevelt filed located in huntington. I live right by there and the only place close to look at bbags is barneys at the americana where you already listed. Saks here doesn't carry balenciaga, however they carry several other good designers! Goodluck!!