a surprise from my boyfriend...qees!

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  1. tonight:heart::heart::heart: my boyfriend :heart::heart::heart:surprised me with 2 qees from lepsortsac...the metallic dog and cat!
    he surprised me with the dog first, which i attached next to the one that the bag comes with. when he showed me the cat, i decided to use the silver ball chain as a qee holder. that way, if i ever get my hands on the caio caio qee, i'll stick it in the extra loophole
    attached are two pics of my lovely additions!
    tokidoki3qee.JPG new qees.JPG
  2. Ciao Ciao qee?
  3. very cute...

    ...hmmm ummm maybe adios qee?
  4. adios qee i mean :biggrin:
  5. Oh! Okay! I was about to say... that'd be cute if there was a Ciao Ciao qee to match the Adios one!

    I'd like a Happy Unicorn qee!!
  6. oh no, dont talk about my happy unicorn :sad: it's not gonna happen :sad:
  7. But it'd be awesome if it did!! I still need to make my unicorn shirt!!
  8. congrats hydra! :smile:

    Aw jessaka..you never know?? :biggrin:
  9. i would love a sandy qee!
  10. Celia...thank you lolz...I WISH. haha.
  11. Ooooh YES! I love a Sandy qee too!!!:yes:
  12. hehe maybe we can send a request to toy2r to make them?? i wish they had a custom made to order qees :biggrin: I want a watermelon eating devil qee:graucho:
  13. Aww, that was sweet of him, hydra :tup:

    I KNOW!! They would make so much $$$ off of us if there were a bunch of toki qees of different characters..and especially ones by popular request..
  14. Oh! Those are really cute! Congrats!!
  15. :tup:that has my vote too.

    Hydra: sweet boyfriend...:heart::heart::heart:enjoy your new friends