A surprise and a collection post! :D

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  1. A small package came today, but had the husbands name on it. I thought it was something for his computer, but he told me it was for me. I wanted to rip the package open, but decided to take pics as I went.


    Bright green tissue paper :smile:







    Another view


    He listened when I said I needed a wallet, and preferred it to be black/gray so it could go with lots of stuff. He was also very sneaky about it all. I love it and it fits all my cards :biggrin:
  2. I couldn't add these to the post so it's continued

    Now for some other stuff. I had posted these in the Authenticate This thread. My SIL had bought these for really cheap at a yard sale. I wanted them, but wasn't sure if they were real. After telling her that they were indeed real, I wanted them for myself LOL. So I offered her twice of what she paid. She only paid $15 for each bag, so it wasn't that much. So I bought them from her. Now I have a pretty well rounded collection

    Collection Post :biggrin:

  3. :smile: look at your collect grow! I love the white one! Congrats!
  4. Pretty collection and that was sweet of your DH! Enjoy!
  5. Great new addition and collection
  6. Great dh! Love the op art! :okay:
  7. Awwww.....he's a keeper for sure!! :smile:
    Yes your collection is great!! You have lots of different sizes that is fun!!
  8. I can't believe she paid $15 for those bags! What a steal! Awesome new items you got today!
  9. congrats!!!
  10. Congrats on the Great Collection!!!
    I love the Gray Madison Carry All!!! What a sweet husband to get you a wallet!!!
    I like it!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  11. everything looks fabulous!
  12. I know I was positive they were fake because of the prices!

    Thank you everyone for the nice comments :smile:
  13. nice collection good colors
  14. Very nice! Gorgeous collection!
  15. You have a sweet hubby :smile: As much as I love mine, I know he'd never do something like that for me.