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  1. We just had this PM exchange: :lol: ( :heart: ya Speedster)

    Originally Posted by Speedy
    roo, my keybord got oup pilled on it, nd ome letter won't type you cn ee. lol

    cri went to get me new keybord, but not ure if it will work ince i ue lptop.

    pry you cn reed me. i'll let you know if te keybord work wen cri get bck.



  2. My reply:

    OH my gosh. I spilled rootbeer on mine too.

    I think you may be able to plug the keyboard into the laptop in the back serial port thingy.

    I had to laugh when I got this PM. I am tempted to post it on the forum. hehe
  3. Originally Posted by Speedy
    lm-o ye, it' be funny... i feel like i'm lurry my word[​IMG]

    cri be b-ck -oon. tnk1


  4. HURRY BACK SPEEDY, we need you!!!
  5. NEWS FLASH: Lady Speedy is back in business... keyboard is in place... ORDER HAS BEEN RESTORED! :p
  6. LMAO! Roo, you are such a brat!

    I wasn't sure if connecting a new keyboard to my laptop would work, but as you see, it does. Now you may all resume your normal posting, I am back. Hugs all! It was a horrifying 12 hours without being able to type in English!
  7. Thank God! :nuts:

  8. Felt like I had marbles in my mouth...

    This is going to take some getting used to. The track pad is still needed for some parts of operations, but at least now I can "talk"! :smile:

    Thank goodness there is a Staples within a mile of here... withdrawl was terrible!
  9. lol, "peedy" :roflmfao:
  10. Isn't it cute? :upsidedown:
  11. LOL..........i couldn't make out some words but it made me laugh! thanks ROO
  12. Wonderful "Up-to-the-minute" NEWS!!:lol:
  13. Well, it is! If people don't hear from me within a certain amount of time, they think I died!

    We hooked up a mouse to the laptop, so I don't need the track pad, but now it's like having a full blown computer in my lap.

    Now, back to your regularly schedualed news.
  14. Poor Peedy... had oup pilled on her keybord.:lol:

  15. ROFLMAO!! Stop! I just spit applejuice all over the NEW keyboard!:roflmfao:
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