A Super Bowl Sunday Reveal

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  1. Being bumped out by not getting invited to any Super Bowl party (I should have seen this coming since I'm not much a football fan, but still :crybaby:), I decided to go shopping yesterday. I wasn't really looking for anything and definitely not planning on buying anything. But there they were, completely, absolutely, and incandescently taking my breath away :love:. I had my SA Winston bring out my size, the moment I slipped them on, the moment they made the perfect fit to my feet, I have forgotten all about the parties, or the Super Bowl, or Sunday for that matters :tender:...

  2. So..................I am home here too alone and not at a party, what did you get? I am excited to see....
  3. Oooo a reveal!
  4. Ahhhh, the suspense! We're anxiously waiting....
  5. There's a super bowl today? LOL

  6. So happy I'm not alone :flowers:

  7. You realize it's not fair to tease someone who is resorting to using a borrowed computer on the sly!
  8. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  9. let me seee! :nuts:
  10. :popcorn:
  11. Ok let's see a little bit of skin... Yes, rdgldy, I'm being a tease... :P

  12. :nuts: Python???? :drool:
  13. python Rolandos? Declics?
  14. :whistle:
  15. Argh ! ! ! ! ! !