A suggestion to boost eBay's reputation

  1. I have lost faith and respect in eBay. eBay has nothing little, if anything, to stop scammers from selling fakes on eBay. The fact that they lately reprogrammed the means to disallow eBay members from contacting one another (in the absence of an active listing) makes it impossible for us to warn buyers from potential scams.

    After having joined this forum recently, I noticed the usefulness of the "authenticate it" threads. I wonder if eBay should hire and pay pFers who do the authentication to screen listings with fake bags. In terms of cost/benefit analysis, they can consider the followings:

    1. trim their staff from Live Help, Security & Safety, and Claims Department.
    2. realize savings from claims

    OK, the lost revenue from the fake listings can be significant, but compared against the price of integrity and sound reputation, which translate to customer confidence and additional sales? Well, I'll let eBay do the Math.

    What do you think?;) :idea:
  2. Great ideas, and in a perfect world, it would work. Unfortunately, as everyone knows eBay makes a ton of money from all of these fake listings -- why would they actively try and stop them? eBay like many other sites is caveat emptor -- buyer beware. I totally believe they should have a staff onsite responsible for approving high end goods listings but I doubt they will ever do this. They just don't want to be responsible for other people's counterfeit listings. And I bet they don't want to liability of people's opinions on bag listings either. It's just awful.

    That said, I still believe that there are honest sellers and buyers on eBay, and you can still get great deals. (For example, my $500 Marc Jacobs quilted Venetia, barely used, looks great.) We will just have to rely on each other to authenticate the good bags and weed out the bad ones!