A suggestion to BBag moderator?

  1. So I am a newbie at Bbags and I was looking at the "Wearing your bbag" thread. Over in the LV forum they decided to make a thread of only member photos and then another thread for comments. This helps because, while I love all of the comments ;), I would really like to see the photos without having to filter through so many pages. It actually kinda deterred me from seeing everyone wearing their beautiful bbag!

    Would members be interested in this idea? On the LV subforum they call the photo only thread, "Visual Aids - Wearing your LV".

  2. I support your idea lordguinny, thank you ! There's a similar thread called: photos-wearing-your-balenciaga-bags, did you seen this:

  3. Hi firstclass1! That's the exact thread I'm talking about. I love the idea, but there are so many pages of just comments that it really deters me from going through all 30 or so pages just to see photos of members wearing their lovely bbags. I think we should have a thread of just photos. :yes: The LV forum does it and it is wonderful!

  4. OK lorguinny - I understand what you mean ! Yeeaahhhh this would be WONDERFUL :yahoo: !! Thanks again for the very nice idea :flowers: :love:
  5. That's a great idea! :flowers: On the LV Subforum, they also have a separate section called Post your Visual Aids comments Here. It's not stickied, though, so it tends to fall back. Perhaps, we can have a Visual Aids Comments Thread stickied below the Visual Aids thread?
  6. I think that's a great idea!
  7. Great suggestion. I've always thought the same thing but didn't want to say it. Yes, we love the comments and more importantly, want to tell everyone how great they look... but it IS frustrating waiding through 30 pages, only to find two or three pics.
  8. I'll try my best to do this for everyone when I have a spare time :smile:
  9. Aw Mimz....you're the best. :idea:
  10. ^^I agree, I love the comments for the thread of people modeling their bags - but it would be GREAT to have a photo ONLY thread, Even better would if it could be broken down by model or color. That would make it even faster to find photo's of bags you want to see. jmo
  11. I think that's a great idea as well! I thought the same thing as the original poster, but it never occurred to me to mention it!
  12. ^Ditto! Being a newbie as well, didn't want to rock the boat ;) Just pictures would be great!!! It is such a useful reference.
  13. LOL - i was just thinking the same thing last night!!!
  14. That is a great idea.

    MIMI/HELEN: yell if you need some help with this. Maybe someone can go through the thread and make a list of the post numbers with pictures???
  15. aw, that's so sweet esiders :love:

    semi update: I tried doing it yesterday but found out that we can't split the thread into two different topics, Vlad is going to try and help when he gets a chance but it *might* not be possible. We'll keep everyone updated! :smile: