a sugar problem?

  1. Ok ever since i could remember, i seriously at times crave sugar, and i cant get it to go away when it comes. I have at times just gotten to the point of throwing up because i ate too much stuff with sugar in it. I refuse to eat brownies for this reason. I had a problem with this as a child, and im really shocked that i was not a overweight child, that i was actually kind of skinny. But my parents had to lock up our fridge and pantry because thats all i would eat. Oh the brownies thing, i have made them many times, but i constantly have to eat them, even though i dont want to, that i remember even telling my mom or brother to take them away because i was going to vomit from all the sugar. No matter what, i could not get it to go away. Its even worse when its that time of the month. It makes me sick thinking about it. I have just been to the point of throwing up when i dont allow myself to have it. I have given up coke and pepsi recently because of this, because i craved it so bad(in the past 27 days i have only had one,yay for me). I would really like this to stop. I am adhd, and thought this might have something to do with it? Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. I watched a show called intervention, and it sounds like you may have a binging problem, even if only on sugar. You might want to schedule an appt with a therapist. It sounds like you have the drive to stop and the will power to do it. You just might need a little help in how to go about it.